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Law Permits You To Contact Toronto Criminal Defense Lawyer When Arrested- Rights Made Clear

If someone happens to get arrested on certain grounds, Canadian laws permit them to contact criminal lawyer Toronto. This is one of the rights an arrested citizen is entitled to. There are various such rights that the accused may exercise. A clear understanding can be attained about the rights by paying a visit to the criminal defense lawyer Toronto. A list of these rights is presented below:

  1. Clarity of the procedure: When someone gets arrested, they may seek information about the procedure and how the proceeding will occur. The entire procedure begins with taking the accused to the local police station. May be the next day or in couple of days the person is bought in the court. Visit N49 for more information.
  2. Duration of the procedure: Ideally the accused must be presented in front of the magistrate in exactly in a day’s time. However there is a possibility due to the unavailability of the magistrate may delay the process and the court episode may occur in few days. In court, the accused may exercise their right to bail hearing. They are allowed to keep their case and argument forth and if justified they may be granted bail. However if the severity of crime is high and the accused may seems to be a menace to the society and the citizens, their bail may get cancelled.
  3. Communication prohibited? : Normally how it seems that the accused is not allowed to contact anyone however that is not true. They have a legal right to get in touch with their criminal defence lawyer to intervene. Again it is on the complete discretion of the policemen, if they wish to allow a phone call to the family member informing about the entire happening. Certain basic rights of freedom of expressions may get exercised during the situation. Once a lawyer comes into the picture, after understanding the entire crisis, they may suggest their client to remain quiet and maintain silence until they are ready with a flawless and accurate statement. Otherwise, any irrelevant word uttered may land them in bigger crises. Showmelocal offers a lot of information.
  4. Search proceedings: Generally what happens is once someone is arrested, they give into the situation and start believing that whatever policemen says has to be obey. This is somehow stands true in some regards however when it comes to checking their belongings a different rule applies. The accused may deny and ask for a search warrant before the belongings are searched through.

There are few instances where the possibility of arrest may occur however if the rights are well understood the Canadian citizen then they may avoid various unfavorable happenings. There is a law called Public Works Protection Act this can be put forth if something unlawfully hinders the movement and can be used against if the accused felt guilty of putting that act at stake. For example if someone is stopped from clicking pictures or making video, they may agree politely however they may rebel and proceed the way they wish to.

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