It Solutions Provider And Training Center 2ip Institut Recognized For Innovation Ai Core Technology In North Africa

2IP INSTITUT is positioned as a leader in the Moroccan Business Intelligence (BI) market, This institute is known for its dominant position in the North African market.

It works closely and continuously with a number of renowned partners to strengthen this position and offers high value-added business intelligence (BI) solutions, including world leaders in Business Intelligence (BI) such as Tableau Software, SAP BusinessObjects, EMC Corporation for the Greenplum Data Computing Appliance, Qlik, SAS, and INFORMATICA.

The institute thus offers a diversity of solutions capable of addressing different key needs in relation to various professions and sectors of activity.

2IP INSTITUT also reinforces its proposals with services rich in expertise through the technical audit service, training and technical support.

The institute accompanies its clients closely through its expertise in reporting, it also contributes to the satisfaction of its clients through the implementation of successful business intelligence projects on any scale.

The company has over 5 years of experience in the Business Intelligence field. With consultants who have accumulated significant experience over the years working on dynamic and innovative projects have shown their commitment to continuously improving their

levels of expertise thanks to the training they have undergone and the precision and professionalism of their interventions.

Thanks to its team of consultants, the institute has an excellent capacity to master the field of Business Intelligence through its fields of action in: Business Reporting, Analysis and Explorations, Big Data, Data Minnig and Performance Management.

Innovations in business intelligence technology have enabled companies to transform their big data into relevant and useful information to better understand their markets and facilitate decision making.

Business Intelligence has become an essential tool for companies to stay on top of their business. The company has to be alert and adapt to its internal and external environment in order to keep its clear added value positioning and to be one step ahead of its competitors by protecting its competitive advantage.


Although business intelligence was initially limited to a technical approach, it is progressing and converging more and more rapidly towards the user’s workstation and adapting to the users’ businesses. We are still in this convergence phase.

There are a variety of tools at the workstation:

  • Reporting tools to deliver operational information or decisional information for monitoring In the context of decisional reporting, this includes mass reporting for the publication of a personalised report to numerous users with an operational decision-maker profile.
  • Analysis tools to understand and grasp a past situation. Analysis tools based on a metamodel (OLAP or in-memory) for optimal performance. These tools must allow analysts to navigate and explore the available data easily, quickly and


As you will understand, in the current context, decision-makers are of very different natures, and there are many reporting tools to suit and meet all the expectations of the various players in the decision-making process.

2IP INSTITUT is a dynamic player in the Maghreb Business Intelligence market, with its positioning as an expert in the field of Business Intelligence, the organisation combines experience and technological mastery enabling it to design, build and deploy decision-making and performance management solutions for its clients.

The institute’s methodology allows for the consideration of all key variables and elements at the launch and during the conduct of your decision-making projects in order to guarantee the necessary successes in relation to your requirements and performance objectives outlined in advance.

Thanks to its strengths in Leadership, Experience, Expertise, and Methodology,

2IP INSTITUT puts all its efforts into we are working hard to meet your expectations and commitments.

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