Is University Worth It? Only 41% Of Graduates Surveyed Said That Their Time At University Had Helped Them To Start A Career.

A survey by online finance broker, Solution Loans has discovered that only 41% of graduates feel that their time at university had helped them start a career. Furthermore, only 22% of respondents felt that going to university had helped hem gain a higher salary in their chosen career than they would have got otherwise.

The results showed a gender split, with men almost twice as likely as women to feel that securing a degree had helped them secure a higher salary compared to just 22% of women. Men were also more likely to feel that going to university had helped them build connections that were useful in their later career with 17% of men citing this as a positive of attending university compared to just 13% of women.

But it’s not all bad news for women. Whilst men were more likely to feel that going to university had benefitted their careers, women were more likely to feel that they had got value out of the experience of going because they’d learnt about a subject they were interested in. 33% of women cited this as a benefit of going to university compared to just 26% of men.

As well as gender differences the survey also showed that experiences varied based on age. The oldest group of people surveyed, those over the age of 65, were the most likely to feel that going to university and securing a degree had helped them into a career that they wouldn’t have been able to enter into had they not been educated to a degree level. However, younger respondents were more likely to feel that university had helped them to build professional connections.

Amanda Gillam from Solution Loans said “It’s clear that gender and age affect how people perceive the value of the university experience. With the cost of a university education now resting firmly on the shoulders of students directly through tuition fees, it’s vital that people think carefully before embarking on a degree course and ensure that that they have plans in place to get the most out of their time at university”.

Solution Loans published more information on their findings and an infographic here:

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