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Interview: Move Over PBX – VOIP Hosted Phones Are the Future

VOIP Hosted Phones

If you own a business with substantial communications needs you have probably purchased a phone system. In years past your only option was to buy hardware called an onsite private branch exchange (PBX) and manage it yourself.

An old idea is making a big comeback now that technology supports it well: hosted phone systems.

It is time to replace your old PBX system with a hosted system?

To get more information spoke with a senior account manager at Ringcentral Inc. Ringcentral is one of the biggest VoIP Company in the states and offer the best small to large enterprise business phone system solution.

Voiptoners: Where do you see the business telephony industry now?

Ringcentral: People are used to using traditional bandwidth type, onsite PBX based telephone systems. Cost and flexibility are the primary decision drivers today. That’s why many companies are choosing hosted systems.

Voiptoners: Are hosted systems better?

Ringcentral: On site PBX has a few weaknesses. One is the need to physically move wires when a phone is moving within the company. That can mean running cable or hiring a vendor to do it for you. Also, traditional PBX systems have limits on how much they can be expanded.

Voiptoners: Anything else?

Ringcentral: Maintenance and upgrades must be done periodically, too, at the customer business location.

Voiptoners: How are hosted systems different?

Ringcentral: Hosted maintenance happens at the provider’s switch so there is nothing to do at the customer site. Since hosted systems are VOIP [voice over internet protocol] they have mobility. You can plug a phone from one location into any other drop in the company, or even at home, and it can work just like they are sitting at their regular office desk.

Hosted service also offers more features, more reports, and the customer’s IT administrator can make changes without involving the provider if they want. Caller ID, for example, requires a card on a regular PBX, whereas it’s included as part of a hosted solution. Call logs are readily available. Call and hunt groups can be controlled by the IT administrator.

Voiptoners: Tell me more about those reports.

Ringcentral: Call logs record data about every inbound and outbound call. They let you determine trends in call usage. Marketing, management and sales departments would use them.

Voiptoners: What kinds of businesses benefit from a hosted system?

Ringcentral: Call centers can really use the flexibility of a hosted system. The call center system can add phones as needed to handle changes in call volume. They also let you set up preferences on who gets what kind of calls, and that lets them handle escalation situations very easily.

Voiptoners: If you had to look into your crystal ball and tell me what business telephony will look like in the future, what would you see?

Ringcentral: I see hosted systems dominating the market in the next five years. It’s easier for hosted to keep up with technology because it’s IP and software based rather than being attached to the hardware.

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