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Inexpensive Ways to Add Value to Your Property

We all imagine, that when it comes to buying property, we are calm and analytical about what we see and that our judgement is based on a considered weighing up of the pros and cons. That is what we tell ourselves. In reality we make a gut decision in the first 15 minutes of viewing a property and then we rationalise that decision afterwards. First impressions count, and if you are trying to sell a property, making small and what may seem inconsequential changes, may just be the subliminal tipping point that persuades your potential buyer that this is the home for them.

First Impressions

You may have a wonderful home on offer, but if the first impressions that your potential buyer gets are negative then you will be fighting a losing battle. A shabby front door is an immediate disincentive, painting it or replacing it is an inexpensive way of creating a positive first impression. If you have a front garden, ensure that it is attractive.  Would your path look better for a power-wash? Look critically at the front of your house. Do the window frames or drainpipes need a lick of paint? Don’t expect your potential buyer to see beyond what is in front of them.

A Blank Canvas

Some people are looking for a doer upper and expect to pick up a bargain as a result, but most people want a home that they can move into without having to undertake lots of work. Buyers are not interested in your highly original and idiosyncratic interior design; they want a blank canvas that they can personalise. Making your home look as clean, light and spacious as possible is your best strategy. A fresh coat of paint is always a good idea but keep the colour scheme neutral.

Little Things Make a Difference

Don’t invest in a new kitchen but do change those tired looking knobs on the cupboards and perhaps resurface your kitchen cabinets. Re-grout the tiles in the bathroom, replace the toilet seat and shower head; these are all inexpensive details which catch the eye. Take a good look at your light fixtures and if they look tired or grubby, replace them.  If your property has a garage, consider painting or carpeting the floor and at a negligible cost you’ve opened up the possibility of turning it into a home gym.

Wow your Buyer with Technology

If you have a smart phone, and I’m pretty sure that you do, why not consider investing in some smart technology to make your home a safer, more convenient and more energy efficient place to live. Smart locks mean that you can dispense with the need for a front door key and that you can control, remotely, access to your property. A smart lock will also make a very strong first impression on any potential buyer. You can also use your smart technology to control heating, lighting and appliances and installing this kind of technology is not nearly as expensive as you might think.

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