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Image To Text: How To Extract Text From An Image

Today each one of us is glued to digital devices, including mobiles and tablets. Papers have become outdated, and today everything is being treated on electronic mediums. Now it is important that you also convert the old files and content that you have on physical papers. These papers can be in the form of books, newspapers, printouts, bills, invoices, and similar things of the sort.

Now you must be wondering how you can convert a hard paper document into electronic versions. Well, you can easily convert text from hard papers to digital ones by using online technology. Before reading about the technology, you must know that it is important that you take pictures of the hard papers with your camera or mobile phone and store them in your device. You can also use the modern scanner tools to scan content from hard papers. Well, after saving the images on your device, the next step is to convert them to textual formats which you can also edit and make usable!

The Best Image To Text Conversion Tools

There are not many images of text conversion or OCR online tools available on the web. Furthermore, not all of them are free and reliable. For this reason, we have listed the best converter tools below for our readers!

Image To Text Converter By Smallseotools

The first image to text converter in our list belongs to SmallSeoTools that is among the free and premium tools offered by this utility website. It is ridiculously hard to find free and reliable OCR online these days, but this free image to text converter provides the most top-quality services for its users. Generally, people think that image to text conversion is exceedingly difficult to use, but this is not true. This ocr image to text utility is among the easiest ones that you can find online.

The working process of this online OCR is quite simple. You just have to open picture to text converter on your browser and upload the image that you need to convert for text. After uploading images, you have to click on the ‘Convert’ button. The image to text tool would take less than five seconds to convert all the recognizable text from the image you have uploaded. There is no limit to use as you can convert as many files as you want.

Microsoft One Note

This tool, as the name tells us, belongs to the famous Microsoft Office Suite. We want you to know that this tool is a note keeper tool that can also provide you with free OCR services. OCR stands for optical character recognition, and you must know that using this feature of the tool, you can easily convert images to text. The use of this tool is also amazingly simple; you have to open the program on the device you have installed it on and insert the image in it. After inserting the image in the tool, you have to right-click on it, and you will find the option that says, ‘copy text from picture’. You have to click on these options and let the tool do its magic. You can easily get the converted text in your clipboard and edit in by using MS Word!

Simple Ocr

Simple OCR as the name tells us is a simple service that provides the image to text conversion features. This is a designated program using which you can only convert images to text. This is a very interesting tool as it can help you in the selection of images, selection of text on an image and would also provide you with authority to ignore the text on an image that you don’t want to convert. You can not only convert text from an image, but you can also save it in word format and can fix it for any grammar or spelling mistakes. You can also use the scanning feature of the tool to scan text from the image that you have directly!

Boxoft Free Ocr

This image to text converter is also a designated tool that serves this purpose. This is a multilingual tool that can help you in the conversion of every kind of text on an image. The working of the tool is simple and perfectly accurate. You have to enter the image in the tool and let it do its work. The tool would, first of all, understand the text and the language it is in and after analyzing it would convert it into .txt format. You can face trouble in the conversion of handwritten content with this online ocr tool.

All of these image to text converter tools can help you in extracting text from an image.

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