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How To Import From Chinese Small Factory

Chinese Small Factory

You perhaps have been considering it, just like every other small business entrepreneur. After noticing the ‘Made In China’ tag on almost everything, would it not make more sense to get through the source directly and buy the required merchandise directly from China to capitalize on your profit margins? The answer to this is a Yes, however you must do it, making it a lot more profitable for your venture.

How Do You Import From Chinese Small Factory

Importing merchandize from China is nothing tough at all. The process generally involve finding the required merchandize that you would prefer importing, negotiating with the distributor or manufacturer, finding a freight forwarder that helps you transport your merchandise to the port, and then locating a customs broker to aid clear the items as they reach your destination. This happens to be a standard process; and you can certainly find a viable freight forwarder and customs broker that help you get through this process. As a matter of fact, some businesses have entities both in U.S. and in China, hence the turnkey services are there to assist you through the entire importing process.

Sourcing The Required Merchandise

The import procedure is not complex at all. However, sourcing the merchandise is where you perhaps be running into difficulties. First and foremost, most of the Chinese distributors and manufacturers do not deal in small volumes. So, if you are thinking about spending a bit to test the waters, you are better off purchasing the merchandize from local wholesalers at a relatively higher price. Depending on the weight, size, and cost of producing the goods, a test run amount can be approximately $5000. If you are not willing to spend this much of amount at the moment, then you are set to import merchandize directly from Chinese small factories. Instead, you should focus more on growing the sales locally before you consider taking on the plunge.

Once you are all set to put up the investment needs, you can search over the Web to find the types of merchandize you would prefer importing. Ensure you call and discuss with the owners ahead of time to get a feel for the right pricing. Generally, if more than half of the manufactures you speak to are stating the lowest price is a certain amount; it will be within the range. Throughout this course, you should be picking a region in China from where you would like to get your merchandize imported from. This would restrict the transportation costs while you visit these manufacturers in China or you send an agent to inspect them.

For more details, browse through to get a better idea on how do you follow the entire process for importing merchandize from China to increase your profit!

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