How To Find Hidden Ladera Ranch Real Estate Listings

How To Find Hidden Ladera Ranch Real Estate Listings

Success comes to individuals who are willing to go the extra mile to achieve whatever they are aiming for. In the lucrative world of real estate, it takes mores than the determination to succeed. Creativity, resourcefulness, hard work, passion, and professionalism are major qualities that a successful real estate agent should possess.

Ladera Ranch community situated in South Orange County in California is an award-winning community with nine villages each possessing distinct personalities and designs. It is one of the best real estate properties where real estate agents can focus on. To climb the ladder of success marketing Ladera Ranch real estate, managing and possessing as many listings as possible is a key factor.


Why do real agents need to generate countless listings? A listing is similar to a product in a store. If there is a variety of goods and services offered in a shop, then more shoppers will be attracted to visit the store. Similar to a real estate agent who is managing numerous listings, more investors and home buyers will be enchanted to him. More listings mean more individuals will be asking questions and inquiries through the phone, emails, personal visits, web inquiries, and tweets.

There are several ways to yield hidden Ladera Ranch listings:

One way is to hook up and build a harmonious working relationship with small local banks, builders, plumbers, electricians, mortgage providers. You check either online or through the yellow pages. Make them your best friends and partners in your line of work. They can furnish your leads and you may also refer to them clients for their line of industry. Build rapport with these people and once they have provided you clients, make them feel how grateful you are to them. Show kindness and gratefulness to everyone you deal with. You never know how much help this certain person can provide you in the future.


Do your best to find vacant homes by seeking the services of working college students or any individual willing to work with you. In this way, you be able to get word where vacant homes are located in Ladera Ranch.

Reach out to FSBOs or For Sale By Owner either through postcard advertising or through phone calls. One significant question which you can ask property owners is “What will he do in case his efforts to sell his property fail and the time to move out to a new location comes? Another wonderful question to ask is “If your property stays too long in the market without any prospects, what consequences will this have on your new career in a different state?

Once you have made the property owner meditate on these concerns, he will come to a point and ask for your assistance. He will come to understand the important role you will be playing in his life.

In dealing with FSBOs, exert maximum effort to listen attentively to what the FSBO is saying; his concerns, special requests and even trivial things about his everyday activities. Agree with everything he is saying.

Two things to avoid when in a conversation with an FSBO:

Never disagree with anything he is talking about.

Never ever lose your temper and get angry in front of him or about anything he says. Remain composed and relaxed at all times. If you feel that you are reaching the limit of your patience, count silently and slowly from 10 to 1. This will surely allow you to breathe deeply and maintain your composure.

When an FSBO has made up his mind to work with you, be sure to maintain a wonderful working relationship with him. Work religiously with him until you succeed in disposing of his property. Never lose your focus.

Present yourself to the FSBO as a professional money consultant who can get the job done in the soonest time. The labor you put should equal or be more than the commission being paid you.

Another way to generate listings is by searching for any of the following properties:

Foreclosed properties

Inherited properties

Properties which belonged to divorcees

Banks are the best place to discover foreclosed properties. Better make friends with bank people if you would like to be the foremost in learning of foreclosed properties. The moment you get leads about foreclosed properties, you may make contact with owners either by sending mails or personally visiting them.

Put yourself in the shoes of the foreclosed property owner before you come into contact with. This may make you realize the difficult moment the owner is experiencing, the pain of losing a much-cherished home. The letter should appeal to the emotions of the foreclosed property owner. It should also be professionally written. The letter should also indicate that you are willing to assist him in any way you can to ease the burden of losing a home.

For inherited homes, you can find lists on the Real Estate Framing website or consult the online websites of the local county. There’s a great chance the heirs would want to sell the property they inherited because of several reasons. One, they may have a home already and that they don’t want to live in an inherited house. Another great reason is that he heirs may be in need of cash and would like to convert the inherited property to cash.

For properties belonging to divorcees, it is important to take the necessary precaution in dealing with them. Getting divorced is a painful moment in a couple’s life. You may consult online lists of recently divorced couples.

Ladera Ranch, a skillfully designed community is one place to build a real estate career. Whether you are focusing on selling a brand new Ladera Ranch real estate property, managing foreclosed or inherited properties or short sale, make sure to be professional and honest in all your transactions. Be the best in everything you do. Contact Amy Sims for more info.

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