How to Cope With Hair Loss?

It can be challenging to live with hair loss. Our self-image is inextricably linked to our hair. However, as the hair begins to thin or fall out, self-esteem starts to decline. It is normal to experience balding at some point in life, and it can have a profound psychological impact, ranging from despair to self-consciousness.

But with efforts and the ultimate solution that Lordhair provides, there are techniques to cope with hair loss. Let’s dive deeper!

Coping With Hair Loss

1. Get a Haircut

Consider getting a haircut. If you still need time to get used to your sudden hair loss, the correct hairstyle could help you cover it up gently. Consult your barber or stylist and get their advice. Remember that this is not a permanent fix and that the improper hairstyle might highlight rather than conceal hair loss. Do not worry if you have lost a lot of hair, you can get quality hair replacement systems from Lordhair and have it cut to your desired style.

hair cut in style

2. Wear a Hat

Contrary to what most people think, wearing hats doesn’t stop you from losing your hair. In fact, if you are self-conscious about hair loss while you are out and about, a hat might be a good idea. The story goes that Frank Sinatra started wearing his signature fedora to hide the fact that his hairline was getting thinner.

3. Use Hair Loss Drugs

Men who are losing their hair can also try a number of medicines that either slow hair loss or, in some cases, stop it and make it grow back.  But at least two have been tested and proven by doctors in the last twenty years and that is Propecia and Minoxidil.

4. Hair Transplant

One of the more aggressive ways to stop going bald is to use hair replacement therapy. A doctor takes hair follicles that are resistant to balding from the back or sides of the head and “transplants” them to areas where hair is starting to thin. This way, the new hair will also be resistant to balding. It is important to note that it carries risks and several expensive treatments may be required. Transplanted hairs may also start to bald within 5-10 years again and do not last a lifetime.

5. Hair Piece

The toupee is a superior option for these reasons and you should opt for it!

  • It is the safest hair replacement system
  • It offers an instant solution
  • Amazingly, it gives you a head full of hair – no risk!

Where to get the Best Hairpiece

Lordhair provides undetectable, natural-looking stock and custom hairpieces that are really spectacular. For people who want to increase their confidence and get back that youthful appearance, Lordhair human hair replacement systems are simply an unbeatable option.

Champion Full French Lace for Men 

The wig is one of the most comfortable hairpieces that Lordhair provides for men because it is airy and has a lightweight design.

Stock Full French Lace Hairpieces for Men

Neo French Lace Front and Top with Skin Base

For a more natural appearance, this hair system has skin around the perimeter and lace on the crown and front. This allows for simpler tape application and cleanup.

French Lace Front and Top with Skin Base Upgraded Hair 7 inches × 9 inches Size

Bottom Line

Hair loss is no longer a thing to be scared of, there are coping techniques that you can use and ultimately you can use the best hairpieces to achieve a head full of hair. Lordhair is on the lookout for a better you!

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