How Difficult It Was For Me To Write A Law Essay As A Chinese Student:

How Difficult It Was For Me To Write A Law Essay As A Chinese Student:

I have absolutely loved studying in the United States and have made every effort to learn all the skills necessary to mingle and compete with my fellow American students in the class who’s English always used to impress me and encouraged in me a desire to learn more and more. Although I was able to pass the required English Qualification tests when it can to getting admission in the university, yet I realized that I need to do more in writing my essays.

First of all, I used to take separate English classes to strengthen my speaking skills and also for my writing skills. The teachers were very helpful who could always let me know that I am improving in these areas and more effort is required in rest of the other genres. But when it came to write a 5000 word essay about law of the United States, I was completely terrified.

I did have a number of ideas in my mind so I prepared a draft and then I showed it to my teachers for the subject. They appreciated my ideas but they pointed out a number of faults in my writing style, and that my writing did not seem professional in terms of a law school. I was again really worried and I asked them to show me a sample which they call well, but they only referred me to the library.

I used to spend hours in the library reading about different law topics but still I was not able to start giving meaning to my ideas about my law essay and I really needed somebody to help me write my essay so that I can get an idea about law style reading and then continue writing with the same pattern.

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Then I decided to pay for my college papers and I chose to hire a writer so that I can explain my idea to him and he can then write for me according to my wishes and refining the essay according to the law terminologies of the United States. This really helped since I ordered my essay and got in touch with my writer only 10 days before the deadline of submission which gave me the essay with the writing how I exactly wanted and also impressed my teachers in addition to giving me  a future idea about how I should write.

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