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How Business Travel Has Changed In 2020

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The coronavirus pandemic has affected just about every area of business in 2020, including business travel. Prior to the pandemic, companies of all sizes and in all industries used business travel as a way to connect and give companies a face, but will things ever be the same after the pandemic?

Closing Borders

As soon as the virus started to spread around the world, countries very quickly started to close up their borders in a bid to stop the transmission of the virus. Of course, this is challenging in a time where both business and regular travel are so common and ultimately it did not work (although certainly helped to slow transmission). While restrictions are lifting (but often being reimposed), it is clear that things have certainly changed when it comes to travel.


As a result, businesses have had to adapt with remote work becoming the norm and companies using videoconferencing platforms like Zoom to communicate with people both domestically and overseas. This has largely been successful, which makes you wonder what the future holds for business travel even once things start to return to normal.

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Hope for the Future

It is currently unclear what the future holds in terms of a vaccine and when things will start to look more normal. While some businesses will certainly happily continue their communications digitally with those around the world, there is still hope for global business travel as it is really the only way to build trust and connect with people which is so important when working with people in a different country. Not only this, but business travel is a huge perk of the job for many and a great chance for people to develop professionally.

Safety & Precautions

It is predicted that business travel will not return to pre-pandemic levels before 2024, but there are sure to be companies that will be looking to take advantage of travel in the coming months. In these situations, safety and taking precautions is vital not only for flights but also other forms of transport. For instance train operators such as Southern Railway advise booking train tickets online and travelling during off-peak hours.

Business travel and travel as a whole has taken an enormous hit in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. It is hard to say what the future holds in terms of international travel, but many believe that companies will be keen to resume travel when it is safe to do so as it is such an important and effective way of conducting business and connecting with others.

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