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Hiring a Professional Mover in Etobicoke – Some Tips

You are searching for the right company who will make your next move to your new home to be a worry-free one but at this point, you are already worried about what you are going to get. It is only natural that you will feel a bit confused when you see the number of moving companies in Toronto available but do not worry, the moment that you get to know some tips on how to decide, it will be far easier to make a decision.

One of the most important tips that you should not overlook is to ask the people that you know for referrals. The referrals may come from your family members, your friends or even your office workers. Their suggestions will always help. They will suggest a moving company in Toronto that does its job well. They may even give you a list of moving companies that you should avoid. This is great so you will not waste your time.


When you have already created a short-list of the moving companies you would like to hire, you can contact them one by one and ask for estimates. You can also ask for written estimates from them that can be sent through e-mail. It will help you know how much you should prepare for the moving services that you want to get. Some moving companies will send an estimator to your property right away. The estimator will take note of the items you are going to haul with you to your new location plus the distance that should be covered.

It is best that you become honest with your estimator regarding all of the items that you plan to bring with you. Show the boxes, the furniture, and so much more so that the estimate will be as accurate as possible. The estimator will report back to the company that you are planning to hire and you can coordinate with them further regarding some more details about your move. Remember that if you do not disclose some items and decide to place them in the last minute, movers may refuse to move them for you. This can make your move more stressful than how it should be.

Always be up-front about the added fees. They will always come in various forms. You do not want to get surprises on the actual day of your move so you can ask for a written contract even before the move occurs that will place in all of the information that you and the company would have to follow. Do not forget to read the fine print or you may be signing up for something that will cost you more money in the future. You need to work with Toronto professional movers you can trust so you will know exactly how much you need to pay and so much more.

You can also ask if the moving company has insurance coverage. Take note that there are some companies who may hide this from you. It is important that you know about this otherwise, you may end up spending more if the movers get into an accident while services are being done. The best movers Etobicoke should be licensed, registered and insured.

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