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Get our 30GB Wi-Fi hotspot device: no contract, as always

We’ve just added a portable Internet hotspot to the Ting Shop. Our 30GB Wi-Fi hotspot device (no contract), costs $25/mo and comes with our same no-commitment guarantee. It’s an affordable Wi-Fi hotspot deal you won’t want to miss out on. More information:

Why A Hotspot?

Wi-Fi hotspots get you a mobile data Internet connection. That’s the same kind of connection you’d be using if you were to get online on your phone away from Wi-Fi. Your end user experience won’t be that different from using free Wi-Fi, but data (as we all know) can be better in some places and worse in others.

Our Ting 30GB hotspot on Sprint’s CDMA network is a reliable option for getting a connection on the go when you’re in an area with good coverage.

A Great Deal On Data

Get 30 GB for just $25/month, contract-free.

A Quality Connection

LTE data wherever you bring your hotspot.

Easy to Connect

Turn on your hotspot and connect to it like any other Wi-Fi network.

Great for Road Trips and Travel

Your family and friends will thank you.

Bring Your Hotspot with You On The Go

This 30GB hotspot is perfect for people who need a little more connectivity on the go. Take your hotspot with you and connect with your smartphone when you’re away from Wi-Fi. Get your laptop online when you’re on the train or in a car.

You can also bring your hotspot on road trips so your family can connect their smartphones and tablets in the car. You can use it for online map navigating (should you ever forget to download your maps for offline use).

Use Your Wi-Fi Hotspot at Home: Supplement A Poor Internet Connection

If you’re a light Internet user, a 30GB hotspot on the Sprint CDMA network can also be a smart way to combat a poor home Internet connection. It’s everything you need to message family and friends and browse on social media.

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