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How, Why and Where to Get More Customer Reviews for Your Business

Customer reviews offer a big helping hand in taking a business to new heights. While its importance is not known to everybody, it’s actually a crucial psychological tool which can deliver major benefit potential for the reputation and lead generation activity of your business.

B2B marketers have a constant thirst for leads regardless of how many they are generating currently. To some extent, customer reviews can be helpful in bringing traffic and generating leads which in return will increase sales and contribute to the annual targets for business growth.

In this section of content, we will learn how, why and where to get more customer reviews for your business.

Why Are Customer Reviews Important For Any Business?

If you want to grow your business and to get your products and services to be sold on a wider scale, want to gain new customers and retain existing ones, you should surely make some significant efforts toward getting customer reviews for your business.

Reasons, why you should get more customer reviews for your business, are –

  1. For the betterment of products and services

Until or unless you listen to your customer, you can never be assured of the wider, detailed and unbiased opinion of your product or service

Customer reviews are extremely important and should be considered during any product development process so that the business can ensure the product being created will meet the customer’s need and exceed their ideal expectations.

Hence, customer reviews are tremendously important for the betterment of your products or services and collecting as much data from them as possible will lead to stronger results longer term.

  1. To measure the customer satisfaction

A satisfied customer would love to give their reviews on the products/services they are using. Even if they aren’t happy and satisfied with your offerings and provide you their feedback, don’t be upset and much bothered. It’s a good sign and you get an opportunity to modify your offerings and adapt to what the market demands.

You can measure the customer satisfaction by performing surveys, sending them feedback links in email etc.

  1. To increase sales

Before buying any product or subscribing to a new service, most people prefer to read the reviews about that particular company. Reviews help them make the purchase decision by providing those solutions to their stumbling points, problems and queries.

They can ultimately be the difference and deciding factor for many people who trust unbiased opinions and will be magnetised towards the positive or negative vibe they receive from reviews.

  1. Improve customer retention

Requesting reviews regularly makes the customer feel valued and that their opinion is worthwhile. Not only it makes them so, but actually, their reviews, whether positive or negative, helps professionals to work on their offerings accordingly.

You can use your unhappy customer feedback to ensure all other customers have a better experience and to continue dealing with you.

  1. Improve website ranking

The more people who write about your business online, the more important and relevant you become for the search engine. The more authorised you are for the search engine algorithm, the higher you will rank in the Search Engine Ranking Pages.

Hence, customer reviews not only grow a healthy relationship between you and the customer but it also improves your website ranking leading to status, reputation, traffic and more opportunities in your sales cycle.

  1. Customer loyalty and consumer engagement

The customers who are taking out time for your product reviews are certainly the ones who are very loyal to you and your business. Also they are keen and relevant business prospects.

When one or two people leave reviews about your product, automatically, other customers also engage themselves in the discussion. While some of them just come to provide their feedback on products, few of them come to see what other people are talking about the product they have purchased and some people just return to see if their comments and reviews are liked or respond by somebody else.

This way you not only engage customer but ensure customer loyalty too.

How Can Your Business Get More Customer Reviews?

  1. Create your company profile on various review sites

No matter what business you’re into, customer reviews always help. So do create your company’s profile on multiple review sites relevant to your business-such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Local, Yahoo Local, Capterra, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Angie’s List, CitySearch etc. More profiles on the relevant websites, the chances of getting more and a wider range of reviews are high.

  1. Just ask your customers directly for reviews

It’s not wrong asking your customers feedback for the products or services they are using and this is one of the best ways to get more customer reviews. If you’re offering great product/service to them then you must be confident of asking them and they won’t be annoyed by this. In fact, they would love to review your excellent offering.

It is about choosing the ideal time when to mention it – after a positive phone call or email exchange. Just slip a link in and explain how it would be so greatly appreciated and take no more than a few moments of their busy schedule.

  1. Make it easy for them

One of the hurdles in people not reviewing your product is that they had to face difficulty. They don’t know where and how they are supposed to comment. So if you want more customers to leave reviews you should make it easy for them.

You can either send them feedback links in the emails, create a feedback bar on your website or put direct links to all those review profiles you own. When it’s easy to express oneself, people consider contributing far more effortlessly.

  1. Respond to reviews you get

Responding to the reviews which you receive shows an activity and caring nature. It gives other people a positive image of your service. It shows that you’re completely engaged with them.

Sometimes you get negative reviews but don’t hassle. Because it has been made publically you need to respond to that customer and solve their problem there only very patiently and calmly.

You can always find a way to reverse engineer the situation to reflect positively or as a misunderstanding if you know your brand and product well enough.

Engaging is crucial and shows a truer identity and realism. This kind of activity will encourage more feedback. When you get positive reviews, obviously you should express a heartfelt thanks.

  1. Offer an incentive for reviews, but don’t buy reviews

This can be a good way to appreciate your satisfied customer who reviews your product. Because sometimes even the most satisfied customer seek for that. These will not only make them happy but loyal too. In the upcoming day, they will surely review your product or service again.

Offering incentive doesn’t mean buying reviews. There’s a significant difference. Make sure the incentive that you offer to them is small and something related to your product/service only. Also, try to choose random people each time you look to offer. This will attract other customers to review your products or services.

  1. Share reviews and testimonials on all your social channels

It’s your duty to keep your customer happy as they are the only source of your business growth. They buy from you and hence taking care of their sentiments should be your priority.

Share your happy customers’ excellent experience on all the social media channels where you have your profile. This will provoke other customers too to write reviews for you. Because when you’ll share, others will see and will like your page, comment and share your posts with their known ones. This way they are more likely to become your customer.

Where You Can Get Customer Reviews

I have already mentioned above how you can get reviews. Platforms that will help you get customer reviews are following-

  • Facebook Reviews
  • LinkedIn Recommendations
  • Local Search Directories
  • YouTube Video Reviews
  • Google Alerts And Social Mentions
  • Other Online Review Sites

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