Five Benefits of No Contract Internet Plans

Telcos in Australia make up a $42 billion market that is dominated by a few select players who have embedded themselves into the lives of millions of Australians over long-term contracts.

Most Australians use the same telecommunications provider for internet and home phone for 10 to 20 years, and they are not aware of any better options.

The Australian telco industry has changed dramatically in recent years, and consumers have a wider selection of services to choose from. Getting the best deal doesn’t mean signing a No contract Fibre broadband, because there are alternatives on the market that are far more flexible. People with unpredictable income, such as renters, young families, and students, should pay attention to this.

1. You Can Upgrade And Downgrade As Needed

When you want to watch TV or chat with friends online, there is nothing worse than getting throttled. Even worse, your internet provider may charge you an excessive data fee for exceeding your limit.

It’s frustrating to be inconvenienced or pay a premium just because you picked the wrong internet plan at the beginning.

You can easily upgrade your plan with most internet providers who lock you into a long-term contract. However, when the shoe is on the other foot and you want to downgrade, they aren’t so lenient.

2. Moving House Is Easy

It can be a hassle to move house. Not only is it draining energy-wise, but it also causes a lot of expenses. It can be difficult to keep up with all the bills when you have to deal with moving costs, cleaning costs, time away from work, or renovations.

Lock-in internet plans can be difficult and frustrating to move from one address to another. Not to mention the downtime you will experience when moving. Whenever you move, you can simply pause your plan, reduce the downtime you need to pay for, and pick things up again easily at your new address.

3. No Cancellation Fees Will Apply

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It makes sense that a company would not charge a cancellation fee if they were confident in their plans. Unless they feel people want to leave all the time due to poor service and overcharging, why would they need to create a punishment for leaving?

That’s why you should strongly consider avoiding an internet provider who penalizes you like this.

Because you don’t have a contract, you’re not locked into a long-term commitment and won’t be charged cancellation fees if you decide to change your mind. You can move house, switch providers, go internet-free for a while… you can do anything you need to with a no-contract internet plan.

4. If Times Are Hard, Flip The Switch

We all hope we will never run into financial difficulty, but most Australians will at some point. Life has its ups and downs, especially in places like Sydney and Melbourne where the cost of living is excessive. It is possible for even the most healthy bank account to become unmanageable due to unexpected events.

It’s difficult to pay for something you don’t need to keep the lights on, or feed your family, when you’re in a financial bind. You don’t have to worry about your internet bill if you have a no-contract plan. You don’t have to worry about being locked into an agreement, and you can turn on or off your plan according to your financial situation.

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