Excellent Equipment And Staff Finesse Are Jumpstart Hallmarks

At Jumpstart Serviced Offices in Hong Kong we not only tout an overall excellence and reliability of internet equipment but are also proud of the finesse of our staff. They are the very people who man the front desk and make up the first line of contact with potential clients. The first thing you’ll notice about our serviced offices in Hong Kong is their breath taking appearance. The subdued lighting protects the eyes from unnecessary glare, blends in well with the subdued whitish colour of the walls and ceilings. These are our very own hallmarks and they can be yours if you want them.

Multi-lingual staff members take care of clients

The variety of local dialects and languages that flow through Hong Kong is simply amazing and you’d have to be multi lingual to cope with the many people who find their way to our front door. That’s exactly the reason why our staff members manning the front desks are all multi-lingual. They are able to converse with clients the moment they enter and are so tactful they quickly put all our customers at ease. You don’t have to worry about anything as they will take care of everything from meeting, customers, answering calls, receiving and dispatching mail all in a day’s work.

Courteous and polite to customers

Potential customers who walk through our front door are accorded premium treatment with the utmost courtesy and politeness. Needless to say our own tenants are accorded similar attention but are more fortunate in having the special attention of our Centre Managers who makes most of the decisions that affect their welfare and business success. Our receptionists are thoroughly trained in the art of person-to-person dialogue, etiquette and polite manners and they are experts in their realm of daily rapporteur with everyone who approaches our offices.

The perfect solution for your business

Regardless of the type of business you run, having a serviced office in Hong Kong will become your own perfect solution that will garner you lots of business success. Our offices are not only exceedingly presentable with unmatched elegance and interior décor, a fact that was acknowledged recently in China where our offices there won a prize for having the best interior layout and quality. Oriental judges have an eye for excellence and perfection and they choose only the best when making their selection.

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There’s no risk in choosing one of our serviced offices in Hong Kong and you’d be doing yourself a favour by opting to rent one. Ring us now on +852 2961 4888 and ask for our free quote.

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