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Don’t Use Someone’s Urine to Pass, Get Fake Urine

A lot of people think that took some drugs in the past thinks it’s best to borrow someone else’s pee to pass the workplace urine test. They think that doing this is a sure way to get good results. Most of the time they are right, but sometimes funny outcomes happen.

Like the one time case when a man at the office turned out pregnant. He took a sample from a female colleague who didn’t know she was pregnant. They both got fired. It may sound like a script for an interesting Hollywood movie, but this real-life case.

Instead of doing something like this, you need to take a solution that’s much better than this. Don’t put someone else in danger too. All you have to do is buy fake urine. It is all over the internet. It’s easily accessible, it comes with an instruction manual and is very easy to be used.

All you have to do is order from some of the trusted sites and learn what needs to be done. If you ever had to do this test, you’d know that taking drugs in the past and passing is nearly impossible. The urinalysis can uncover drug traces for up to a month, so if you’ve been taking drugs, you’ll have to do something about this problem. You can’t just pass without taking action.

Some people decide to work on some detox programs. They buy detox teas and other drinks that help their bodies recover faster from the toxins. The system is programmed to flush everything that doesn’t belong inside and it’s their job to just speed up the process.

They workout, sweat a lot, drink a ton of water during the process, and get to flush the narcotic particles faster than normal. This is a great way, no doubt. The only problem is that you have to have a lot of strength and previous physical condition to be able to work daily in full mode.

Most people taking drugs and going to work are not so prepared for this. They also eat unhealthy food which makes a lot of body fat and this is a great place for narcotics to find a place inside and stay even longer than usual.

If you’re one of those people that simply can’t work out and need a solution that much faster and easier, then you need to get some of the fake pee or also known as synthetic urine.

Where to find it?

The internet is the place where this product is being sold. You can’t walk into a pharmacy or a supermarket and ask for it. You won’t find it there. You have to find some of the best webpages selling things like this and order it to your home address. Or your parent’s address, that’s completely your business. The point is, the seller will deliver it completely anonymously and no one will even know you received something like this. If anyone asks, you can say it was a present for your nephew or something like that.

To understand which sites are good and which are not, you have to read some online reviews. The best place to find information is Here, you can see some reviews from professionals who already had to deal with a lot of products and a lot of sellers.

It won’t hurt if you read the comments on the selling pages and forums about products being sold too. It’s good to have more information. More info means getting a better image of what you’re getting. Reading what people have to say about these things will give a better idea of what you’re supposed to do and how to do better to achieve a great result on the test.

How to do better on the test?

The point is not to look suspicious when you’re doing a switch of samples in the toilet. When you get a sample from someone else, you’re actually delivering their DNA and their substances. Maybe even they don’t know what they consumed in the past period. You may fail because of someone else’s antidepressants that they thought are not drugs.

Knowing all this will make you nervous. Stress will make you sweat, sweat will make you additionally anxious and the lab practitioners will see this. They might do a double check on your sample and might ask you to provide another one if they think something is going on.

When you get a synthetic urine kit, you can be sure that you’re getting a 100% clean pee. The fake piss is successful in over 99% of the cases. It’s nearly impossible to fail with it. Why? Because this product is made to be completely the same as the real thing. Handing over a sample of fake pee is actually giving the practitioners a sample of a perfectly healthy human. Even though it is not made from real human urine, the chemically designed liquid is perfectly mimicking it.

Knowing all this will make you relaxed. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is whether the sample is heated properly and is it your turn to hand it over. Most kits provide a thermometer with themselves so you won’t have this problem either. You can completely relax knowing that you’re doing everything perfectly. You can be sure that you’ll get a negative result and continue your life like it was previously.

Urine to Pass


The importance of getting a negative result, or passing the test, is highly important. If you fail, you’ll be sacked. If the employer does this, you won’t get a recommendation letter. Instead, the new employer will be told that you lost your job over drug issues. Imagine how bad this sounds in the ears of someone who’s looking for a great person to work with. See some of the possible outcomes here.

Don’t let any of this happen just because you smoked a joint or two the last weekend at a party. Do everything in your power to control your future.

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