Do You Need Special Skills To Understand Marketing

Not that this is important, but there is a slight confusion behind the term digital marketing. The in store sampling agency toronto will give you a more detailed explanation on marketing.

If you write on Google “What is digital marketing?”, Result # 1 will be Wikipedia, which states: “Digital marketing is a type of marketing that uses digital advertising channels to communicate products and services to the widest possible audience, successfully promote the product. ”

To put it simply, clearly and correctly.

Experiential marketing in toronto is any marketing that is done through digital technology. The internet is digital technology, and marketing based solely on it is online marketing or internet marketing. I.e. Online marketing is one form of digital marketing.

Is online marketing for everyone

What most often denies people about digital marketing is the association with something technical that requires special skills.

In fact, the technical side of online marketing is not the real problem. The platforms, applications and tools used in digital marketing are so intuitive and user friendly that literally anyone can learn to work with them. The reason for this is simple and logical.

  • The big ones want everyone’s money

Try to take a moment to look at the world through the eyes of Google, Facebook or any of the other big ones experiential marketing agency toronto in the online business.

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If using their platforms as an advertising channel requires specialized technical skills, this will limit the market to large companies that can afford to hire highly qualified toronto experiential staffing. The little ones will stay out of the game.

A Microsoft survey shows that the number of small and medium-sized enterprises is almost 99% of all companies.

Do you think Google will be deprived of this market simply because there is a technical problem preventing potential customers from giving their money?

Not only has Google built its software so that anyone can work with it, it has also developed free training programs that will further facilitate this process. To increase interest and make its products more attractive, the Internet giant has also created certificates (the certificate is + in the CV and increases the likelihood of good conversion).

One of Google’s most popular training programs is Digital Garage. The purpose of this program is to “hook up” people who have no idea of ​​experiential marketing agency toronto and to create a foundation for them to become active participants in the online business. It is also part of the company’s efforts to mass-market its products.

Facebook’s approach is no different. Training modules and certification programs have also been developed for the social network.

The masters of the global network want everyone to be their customers and have created the necessary conditions for this to happen. So, if you think the problem between you and digital marketing is technical skills – you have no problem, you have a limiting prejudice.

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