Do Employee Surveys Really Work?

Employee surveys are a common way to measure employee satisfaction and find the things that need to be changed to give your staff the best experience possible. But do employee surveys work? Are they an effective use of resources? Here’s the answer.

What You Need to Know

Surveys are an easy and effective way to gather answers and information from your workforce. Surveys are widely used, so your team will be familiar with filling them in. You just need to make sure that your questions are clear, concise and focused.

Surveys have their limits though, and there are a few things you should bear in mind when conducting one.

8 Reasons Your Employee Engagement Survey Isn't Working

You can go for either anonymous or non-anonymous surveys, and this is a most important consideration to get right before you start. If you go for an anonymous survey, people are more likely to put in what they really think, as there won’t be any effect on their relationship with the company, which will allow for more truthful appraisals of satisfaction.

The opposite is of course true for non-anonymous surveys. People will be more likely to put in off-balance answers because they are unwilling to tell the truth in case it affects their position in the company. They might not want to put in negative answers if they think it will make them more insecure in their job, or they may do the reverse and put in over-positive reviews in the hope of getting on in the company and improving their prospects.


Employee surveys are a useful tool to have in measuring the atmosphere in a particular company. They are easy to fill in and, if using simple multiple-choice questions, easy to calculate the results.

If used right, and in conjunction with other tools such as virtual comment boxes, surveys can be a very useful way to gauge the level of satisfaction in the workplace and work out a strategy for improvement. It’s also easy to carry out follow-up surveys to see if things are getting better.

If you’re thinking of conducting a survey, then there are many companies who offer employee engagement surveys that can help you.

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