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Diamond Earrings: How to Buy One?

Diamond jewelries such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings help the wearer creating a statement and leaves a good impression to the people they are interacting with. colleagues, clients, friends, you name it but choosing and purchasing the best diamond earrings can be pretty difficult since they are very expensive. To avoid buyer’s remorse, read more below to learn more what to consider and to look for when it comes to buying diamond earrings

What to look for a good diamond earring?

A good diamond earing must fit into these categories called 4 C’s that are universal standards for a quality check. This is to ensure the diamond’s quality and to make sure that it is worth your money.j2dd04b02w04-mfdb-aura-studs.jpg (1920×1600)

Color: A good diamond is like a mirror that reflects anything near it and thus adapting to its color. Usually, diamonds take the color of the metal that is embedded into. It is advisable not to buy colorless diamonds because they tend to be much more expensive.

Clarity: A good diamond must not have scratches or any abnormalities from the naked eye. The value of the diamond decreases when abnormalities on the stone is becoming more visible and jewelry shops tend not to sell such jewelries because they are hard to detect its value especially on online shops

Cut: The bigger the cut, the better. Big diamond cuts are a big help in creating a big impression amongst your peers since bigger cuts attracts your peer’s eyes but keep in mind that bigger cuts also mean bigger price tag

Carat Weight: Carat Weight is also a factor in leaving a great impression to those you are interacting with. 0.5 to 0.75 carat weight is usually enough for an earring since you do not want to damage your earlobe from heavy diamond earrings.

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