Dealing With Bed Bugs Like A Pro

Dealing With Bed Bugs Like A Pro

There can be no house that needs maintaining. Usually most things are stuff that we can do on our own, like cleaning and, if you are skilled enough, a few repairs. And there are also people who prefer to take matters in their own hands and handle just about any problem the house is able to through at them.

In many cases, the same thing goes for infestations as well. Unless you live in an apartment, a cockroach infestation is usually easily handled with a few pesticides and proper cleaning. However, there is one pest that posses a larger challenge.

The pest you may not even know is there

When you plan to deal with a problem you obviously first need to know that it exists. A leaking sink, a broken socket in the wall or a cockroach infestation are things that you can easily spot and quickly attend to. Bed bugs on the other hand tend to be far more sneaky.

Since bed bugs feed on blood, the first thing you would look for is bite marks. Problem is that unless you know what you are looking for, you may easily mistake them for mosquito bites. That is even more the case during the summer when both of them may have had a feast on your skin.

Here is where the internet can be of help for you. A quick look online and you will find more than enough information available to help you tell them apart. Not to mention that you will also find a few more things which can tell you that your house needs bed bug treatment, like for example strange dark red spots on your bedsheets and other stuff.

Dealing with bed bugs effectively

If you are a person who wants to deal with things on your own, you will surely scour the web for DIY treatments. Sure enough, there are plenty of them with a varying degrees of success.

Now, if you do plan to go through with it, you need to know one important thing. It is not the bugs alone that you need to look for. You also need to find their eggs. Leave them alone for long enough and once they hatch they are going to start the entire thing all over again.

Cracks and sockets in the walls, along with similar isolated, out of reach and dark places, are usual hiding and nesting grounds for them. Of course your entire bed and maybe even your mattress are favorite places for them as well. After all, they aren’t called bed bugs for nothing.

As you can see, there are a lot of things you will need to do and attention to detail as well as being thorough are very important. Should you see that you don’t get permanent results or you don’t want to do it on your own, it is wise to hire Phoenix bed bug extermination, or a similar service in your area.

In the end, it will be easier and a lot cheaper if you let experienced people deal with it.

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