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Daily Power Wheelchair Maintenance

Poor wheelchair maintenance increases the danger of breakdowns, which may result in physical harm, as well as unwarranted expense of medical treatment and rehabilitation. Additionally, these breakdowns restrict the user’s movement and social engagement.

Here are a few simple steps and tools necessary to ensure your machine functions consistently and reliably:

Power Wheelchair Cleaning Toolkit

It is necessary to make a toolkit to help you maintain your electric wheelchair’s good condition. Keep all of the equipment and cleaners you’ll need in a bag that zips. Some of the important tools include:

  • Small cleaner brush.
  • Flathead screwdriver to fasten the nuts.
  • Clean, dry cloths
  • Access to water and a bucket.

Important Maintenance Tasks For Power Wheelchairs

A motor of an electric wheelchair must be kept clean, dry, charged, and in good working order. This is essential for smooth mobility and to reduce the need for costly repairs.

It is critical that you wash all of the components of the wheelchair with warm soapy water. The cleaning should be on a daily basis after using the power wheelchair. Dirt and food deposits may accumulate and cause your wheelchair components to wear out more quickly.

You can dry the wheelchair parts after cleaning using a clean, dry cloth.

Routine Of Daily Power Wheelchair Maintenance

Below are some of the most important daily routines in maintaining a power wheelchair in its best condition:

  • Make sure the seat belt fastens firmly and securely. Invest in a new belt if the current one stops working or has rips or tears.
  • Give the tires a good re-roll before using the wheelchair. Each tire should be able to move freely. Remove anything in the way of the wheel’s rotation.
  • It is important to maintain proper tire inflation pressure as per the operating handbook. Your electric wheelchair may wobble or veer off to one side due to under-inflation. Over-inflating or under-inflating tires will wear unevenly hence will not last as long as tires with proper inflation.
  • Make sure the batteries charge to capacity every day, preferably at night. Don’t let your batteries go below 80% of their capacity. These activities retain maximum power and battery life.
  • Don’t let the battery charge level go below 70% for the first ten days of use.
  • Only use the charger that comes with the battery or chair.

Additional Important Maintenance Tips

Make sure the power switch is turned off and that the charger cables are disconnected before cleaning. Examine every component of the wheelchair. It is important to ensure that the nuts and bolts are tight but not too tight.

Additional information on safe maintenance procedures is available in the Owner’s Manual for your particular electric wheelchair model.

Most importantly, most wheelchair service providers are available to offer any necessary maintenance support to ensure that you remain mobile and independent as much as possible.

It is important to note that this material is only for educational purposes. Hence, it should only complement any professional medical care’s advice. Hence, it may not be appropriate for every situation.

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