Counting on Success: Accounting & Tax Postcard Marketing

We occasionally lose sight of the efficiency of conventional marketing in today’s fast-paced world. However, there is a hidden treasure for companies in the financial sector trying to attract and engage with new clients: Effective Accounting and Tax Postcard Marketing.

Like a custom-fitted suit for your accounting or tax company, postcard marketing provides a low-cost and specialized method of client contact and helps your business stand out amongst the digital crowd.

Let’s delve in and analyze why this often-overlooked marketing tactic can make a significant difference to your business.

What is Postcard Marketing?

Knowing How Postcard Marketing is Effective in the Finance Industry.

Postcard marketing, a form of direct mail marketing, is the process of creating attention-grabbing and informative postcards and sending them to your target audience. They serve as mini-billboards filled with interesting imagery, enticing messaging, and important contact information.

There are many reasons why postcard marketing is advantageous over digital marketing:

  • Feels Sincere: Postcards are tangible, something your target audience can touch and hold, which creates a sense of connection and trust.
  • Customized Outreach: Postcard marketing allows your business to target specific audiences in your region.
  • Less Competition: Postcard mailers allow you to stand out in a world full of digital competition.
  • Long-Lasting Impact: Unlike digital marketing, postcard mailers do not quickly disappear with a tap or a swipe (or worse, get stuck in a spam folder).

Professional direct mail marketing restores the human touch in a world dominated by digital noise.

Why Would Accounting And Tax Businesses Benefit From Postcard Marketing?

Why Postcards Matter for Financial Companies

Accounting and tax businesses can significantly benefit from postcard marketing due to its simplicity and cost-effectiveness in reaching the target audience within the financial sector. The marketing tactic allows businesses to target specific geographical areas or individuals with relevant inquiries, making it an effective source of marketing.

Benefits of Postcard Marketing For Accounting and Tax Companies

1. Cost-Effective Client Engagement

Postcard marketing offers a budget-friendly approach in contrast to pricier marketing avenues like television advertising, event sponsorships, or influencer partnerships.

With strategic planning and precise targeting, financial institutions can contact particular demographics, such as high-net-worth clients, self-employed individuals, or small company owners. This strategy enables businesses to send postcards to those who are more likely to use their services.

2. Showcasing Financial Guidance

Postcards give financial companies the opportunity to address individuals’ financial concerns and provide valuable advice. For example, postcards with the message ‘take control of your taxes’ would grab the attention of those who are struggling with their tax return. Also offering an incentive or offer entices potential new customers to contact your company.

3. Simplified Compliance

No law in the US prohibits direct mail marketing. The direct mail just has to be in the customers’ and the company’s legitimate interest with the customers being able to opt out of the mailers if they wish. On the other hand, in email marketing, businesses need to have the required consent from an individual to send marketing emails in the first place. This places direct mail marketing ahead of email marketing in this respect.

4. Trustworthy Brand Building

Postcards can showcase your accounting firm’s unique value proposition by incorporating elements like your company’s logo, customer reviews, and special offers. These visual endorsements help potential clients quickly understand what sets your firm apart from others.

Whether it’s the assurance of seeing your established logo, or the social proof conveyed through glowing customer reviews, these elements communicate trustworthiness and competence.

5. Cross-Selling Opportunities

Another way that postcards can help you grow your accounting and tax business is by cross-selling opportunities. For example, if you offer bookkeeping services and payroll and tax planning, then put those details on your postcard. This allows users to discover the full range of services your business offers.

6. Timely Tax Reminders

Postcards are an effective way to remind clients about upcoming tax-related deadlines. By doing so, you help your clients steer clear of potential penalties and interest charges that may apply if they miss the filing deadline.


Professional direct mail marketing, including postcard marketing, can be a robust tool for accounting and tax businesses because of its ability to catch the attention of a business’s target audience cost-effectively.

Postcards are great for enticing new clients and looking after old ones, whether that’s through tax deadline reminders or offering incentives and offers.

If you want to kick start your postcard marketing campaign for your finance business, contact Cactus Mailing for a free no-obligation direct mail marketing plan.

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