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Convert PowerPoint Business Presentations to Videos Using Movavi PowerPoint to Video Converter

In most businesses it has become the norm to use PowerPoint to generate presentations due to how easy it is to do so. However as much as PowerPoint is a useful tool to create great-looking presentations, it is somewhat limited due to the fact that it saves them in a PPT or PPTX format – which means that your business presentations can only be viewed on devices that have PowerPoint installed, or a specialized player.

Needless to say that can be an inconvenience, which is why you may want to consider using Movavi PowerPoint to Video Converter to switch your PPT or PPTX PowerPoint presentations to videos instead. As a video you will be able to play your business presentations on any device that has a media player, and could even burn them onto a DVD or upload them to video sharing platforms such as YouTube or Facebook.

With such clear benefits to converting PowerPoint business presentations into videos, why not give it a try? Rest assured Movavi PowerPoint to Video Converter will make it easy for you to do so, and will also provide you with numerous features that you help you to improve and accentuate your presentations further by:

  • Defining the resolution of your video so that it is perfect for any size of screen – including mobile devices.
  • Choosing to advance each slide after a specific duration or by following the existing settings of the PowerPoint presentation.
  • Adding a voiceover to accompany your slideshow and act as a narration, or including background music to set the tone.
  • Opting to use a particular video format or using one of the built-in presets for various devices and platforms to automatically optimize your video accordingly.

Because of the presets in Movavi PowerPoint to Video Converter, you can quite easily ensure that your video is perfect for the device or platform you intend to use it on. Seeing as these presets encompass mobile devices as well as online video sharing platforms such as YouTube, you should have no problem taking full advantage of the fact that your presentations are in video format.

Suffice to say all it will take is a few clicks to use Movavi PowerPoint to Video Converter to convert your business presentations to videos. Once you do so, it is up to you how you wish to use or even distribute them to others.

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