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What Are The Most Common Problems When Moving Home?

There are many common problems that occur when you are moving a home. Removals can be an extremely stressful time for a family. The problems are not only the emotional trauma of leaving dear friends and the local pub. The most important problems involve money.

These are some of the most common problems that people face when moving a home to a new location.

What to take and what to leave

Moving is usually the time that most people make a decision about what to take and what to leave behind. The clutter in the attic and garage has to be sorted through. People who are moving may find lost treasures that they dare not part with. They more frequently find things that they do not need. A rummage sale or a donation to charity is the solution for disposing of items you do not want to move.


Many people that move find themselves in the predicament of having no home to go to when their home has sold. The contents that they plan to move must be removed from their old residence. The wait for the new home to be ready to move into can be as long as a month or more.

Temporary storage is the usual solution. Really smart movers chose a moving company that includes temporary storage as a part of their service.


Packing is a delicate and difficult chore that can have nightmarish results if you do it yourself. Imagine opening your most delicate and favorite home decorations to find them smashed beyond repair. This is often the result when people pack for themselves.

The solution that works is hiring professional and experienced movers to pack for you. You avoid the physical effort that packing boxes and large items like beds entails. You also get the advantage of having the contents of your home insured by the mover in the event that something gets broken in the moving process.


No one wants to move in the rain. Moving in the rain is hardly avoidable in London or in most of Britain. It is the British weather after all. You want to avoid damage to your possessions. You want to prevent damage to the floors of your old residence and your new home. Above all, you want to prevent accidents.

The best solution for dealing with the weather is using a professional mover. A mover who is flexible on dates and who has the equipment to protect your furnishings from any kind of weather is a must.


Moving is stressful even under the best of conditions. You face the problems of what to do with the family pets. Your children can be “overcome” with grief at parting with friends. A moving company that does it all and converts on all that they promise can eliminate some of the stress of moving. This leaves you free to handle the more personal aspects of a move.

Picking the right moving company

Moving is expensive. The wrong moving company can add to the expense in fees that suddenly get tacked on. The wrong moving company can damage or lose your most treasured family antiques.

You must shop for the right mover. A company that has a reputation for cost, on time delivery, and a genuine interest in making your move as easy on you as possible is what you want. A company that has verifiable references is a must. The company you select should have the equipment and facilities to handle any oddity you need during your move.

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