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Commercial Storage – Is It The Solution For Your Business?

Is your business starting to overwhelm you with clutter? Are you struggling to find space to store hoards of documents and paperwork? Are there too much equipment and not enough room for it all? Don’t fret, it’s actually a common thing, and most businesses do at some point face this situation. Of course, the solution would be too just up route and find a bigger workspace, but that’s not always ideal. Moving a business is extremely stressful- not to mention costly- so what are the alternative options in this situation?

Renting Commercial Or Warehouse Space

Renting a bigger space such as commercial or warehouses is an option and many businesses to do this, but the trouble is it’s rather pricey and certainly no cheap fix to solve your issues. Ok, if you need that amount of extra space, it could be cost-effective, but if you don’t, it’s like throwing money down the drain, something no business can afford to do.

Commercial Storage

The alternative solution is commercial storage, which offers a much lower cost per square foot than any warehouse space you may be considering. It’s great because it provides a range of units, so you only have to hire the size you actually need without paying for extra empty space, they are very safe and secure, so it’s offering peace of mind and also they are extremely flexible when it comes to hiring methods-long or short term or month by month basis.

Businesses That Benefit…

All sorts of businesses can benefit from self-storage facilities, anything from offices and commercial to self-employed or contractors. If you operate business away from home or the office and its labour-intensive it may involve lots of tools, equipment, and materials that need ample storage.

Here Are Some Examples Of Those Who Tend To Benefit The Most From Self-Storage;

Self-Employed Home Service Businesses 

Plumbers, electricians, painter and decorator, gardeners, window cleaners, or any general contractor building based work which has equipment that needs to be stored, some of which expensive or rather large. Self-contained storage units offer secure and affordable storage solutions.

Builders And Bricklayers

Anyone who works in the building trade knows the importance of climate control when it comes to storing building materials; it has to be free of damp and moisture. Self-storage units offer a dry safe place to store everything you have and can even be fitted with shelving and racks to maintain an organised lock up and go that is within easy reach and easily assessable.

Construction Workers

Generally, they use a lot of tools, many of which are heavy-duty and expensive. They also tend to have a stock load of supplies for work duties-at the ready. An affordable self-contained storage unit offers the utmost security for the things you don’t need to use daily. The units provide ample storage for future usage that is easily assessable when required.

Estate Agents/Home Staging/Interior Designers

Many estate agents and even self-employed home staging businesses have a house load of furnishings that only need to be used when staging a property. Self-storage units offer affordable, safe keepings for those items when not needed. You can store unused items safely away until the next property comes along, ready for staging. Interior designers like to present a showroom to customers, to do this it has to be clutter-free and with so much stuff involved it can often be difficult to find room to house unwanted items-at one particular time- this is where self-storage units becomes a blessing it can store items safely as well allow drive-up delivery to stock extra bits you may have ordered, keeping them out of your work or office space.

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