Cloud-Based Website Hosting Benefits To Take Advantage Of

Cloud-Based Website Hosting Benefits To Take Advantage Of

In recent years, an increasing number of organisations have decided to host their websites via cloud-based solutions. This hosting option utilises a network of servers that are often pulled from different data centres in different locations.

All of this really is just an extension of the way that a network server would have been used, and normally still would be used, to provide a central repository of data to an organisation. Instead of your shared data, it is just your website, and possibly its data, that would be sitting on network servers located on the cloud rather than in your office! This is really just another manifestation of everything seemingly moving onto the cloud, and a further extension of client server architecture itself.

There are various reasons why this is a more favourable option than conventional servers, as IT consultancy Pro Network Solutions explains with this look at cloud-based website hosting benefits to take advantage of:-


Thanks to the use of technologies related to load balancing as well additional updates and hardware, cloud-based website hosting solutions are capable of handling immense server loads with the greatest of ease.

Therefore, you never need to worry that your website will slow down or even go offline if a particular server crashes, as there is always other servers ready and waiting to pick up the slack. You will find that websites hosted on cloud-based infrastructure are very rarely inaccessible or unavailable.

Easy to deploy and manage

On account of the fact that you do not need things like hardware, implementation, or software licensing, deploying cloud-based hosting is a piece of cake. It can be introduced at a fraction of the cost of similar on-premise hosting solutions as well and doesn’t take much time either.

As for administration, centralised management of network servers and services means that you can have complete and convenient control over your hosting solution, which doesn’t compromise on quality.


In many respects, you can compare cloud-based website hosting to a simple electric meter, as you only pay for what you use and don’t tend to get charged a fixed monthly amount. For many businesses, this is the biggest benefit of the cloud.

Previously, websites that saw variable amounts of traffic would need to spend out on dedicated resources such as high bandwidth and server space. But with cloud-based website hosting, you will only pay for the traffic you actually receive and the resources you actually use.

Improved capacity and efficiency

Seeing as cloud-based websites use a vast network of servers, you can in effect have infinite hosting solutions whenever you need them. Servers can also have as much capacity as required, which are accessible through online control panels like API services.

At the same time, the virtual pooling of available resources means that the entire system is incredibly efficient. Individual resources such as software, servers, and networks contribute favourably towards performance too.

Help and assistance from an outsourced vendor

In addition to the benefits that cloud-based website hosting can afford, outsourcing your server and storage needs to a third-party also brings about a couple of advantages. The first is that internal resources can be freed-up and allocated elsewhere, resulting in a more efficient and productive business.

Secondly, most cloud-based website hosting providers will offer round-the-clock support should anything go wrong. They can also bring forth advice on things like website security and future improvements.

If you would like to take advantage of these cloud-based website hosting benefits, get in touch with ProNetwork Solutions today. They will be able to explain all the options related to the hosting of your website, on the cloud, in plain English.

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