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Closet vs. Cloth Rack

We all love to dress up in tempting clothes irrespective of our age or gender. Therefore, looking after your clothes and storing them in a safe place is necessary. For the same very purpose, we have closets and cloth racks to let us hang our most precious dresses.

Both closets and cloth racks are the most widely used products to hang our clothes in a safe and rather more organized manner. They are also quite popular amongst wedding gifts. However, it might cross your mind that which one among the both is the better choice. We shall discuss the domain of both whiles going through their pros and cons. In the end, you can choose the one that suits you better. Click here to get cloth racks for bargain prices in Sri Lanka.


The two most common types of closets that you may come across are walk-in and reach-in closets. Reach-in closets normally refer to a defined place for hanging clothes with a rod, more like a large cupboard. Meanwhile, a walk-in closet is a kind of storage space having enough room for someone to freely stand and access the stored items.


  • More storage space

A closet, whether walk-in or reach-in, has more storage space to provide ample room for your items to keep as compared to a cloth rack.

  • Relieve from mess

You can hide all the mess of the room in the closet in a minute in case any visitors are arriving. You don’t get the same perk with cloth racks.

  • Better outlook

Last but not least, closets simply look better and come in various designs and shapes.

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  • Occupies a lot of room

Especially the walk-in closets can occupy a whole lot of area. It is not a good idea for small homes.

  • Expensive

Buying and maintaining a closet costs more.

  • Hectic to organize

Due to their larger space, it may need more time to organize stuff.

Cloth Racks

Cloth racks are a handsome alternative to closets. They have many benefits over the closets that are elaborated below along with few cons.


  • Requires less space

They can fit anywhere in the corner of the room and are perfect for small rooms.

  • Less expensive

Cloth racks have a considerably low price as compared to closets.

  • Portable

Their foldable design along with wheels allows them to be easily moved around.


  • No protective covering

Most of the cloth racks lack a covering due to which clothes are more prone to pollution.

  • Less storage

They have a limited place for your clothes to occupy.

  • Lack of privacy

No covering means all your clothes are exposed to outsiders.


Which one to choose among them relies solely on your needs and style. Hopefully, the above-stated aspects of closets and cloth racks will help you decide the right pick for you.

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