Cheap Fixies For Sale

Cheap Fixies For Sale

There is something about the primitiveness and modesty of a fixie bike. It is only made for a quick grab and run. One does not have to worry about adjusting as the lube that is required is often minimal. Having a wrench is all that is necessary to fix a fixie. It’s a great value for money and most importantly, it’s a light bike. They are primarily used for easy commuting for riders with relatively less mileage per week.

Besides, there is also a wee bit arrogance that comes with being a fixed gear rider. We all know about the skillset required to master the art of riding a bike that is immobile. It officially puts you in the elite class. You will be surprised by the unique ride that a fixed gear offers but it won’t be long before you learn to hop and skid while riding a fixie like a pro. Now we all know why courier riders coast on fixies. This ‘premium bike’ attitude has made the avid riders resort to fixies mostly.

On a serious note, fixies, also known as track bikes, are very low maintenance and practical for an urban rider. Nowadays, it has become one of the most popular and hippest alternatives for riding in the city for college kids, rebels and commuters alike. Research shows that riders are quite offended by the compromise of choices.

Thankfully, numerous companies have heard this cry. They have decided to offer something different. Something affordable without having to compromise on style and quality. They have started manufacturing cheap yet stylish, fixed-gear bikes, like the, which, go to the length of home-delivering your fixie. Their fixies come directly from Martello Bicycle Company. Their orders are placed in bulk to the manufacturer that allows them to offer affordable quality to the customers. You can purchase these directly from their store in Inchicore, Dublin. Their range includes The Black Horse, The Soho, The Banner, The White Russian and The Brooklyn. Their price is fixed at 205 Euros. They even go on to customize your bike to suit your preferences. They have successfully managed to create a line of bikes that was true to the heart of single-speed cycling. The best element of these fixies is their urban geometry frame. They have one of the most aggressive geometries. Resulting in a much more comfortable ride as you need to stay relaxed at all times. It definitely leaves you feeling like a racer who has complete control.

In addition to that, their high-tensile steel frame is extremely durable. Steel is heavier than carbon, agreed. But, hey, it’s a whole lot cheaper. Besides, it’s simple and gorgeous. Enough said. Despite the fact that they have steel frames, these fixies have nothing more than a frame, handlebars, wheels, and pedals. It bound to be lighter. Even though most fixies for sale come with minimal warranty, all Martello fixies provide at least a six-month warranty when assembled by a qualified mechanic. So, save money. Start Pedalling

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