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Best Printing Techniques of 2021

This is a good idea to know about printing techniques. When decorating a product or a garment, you use different types of decorative techniques such as silkscreen printing, tampon printing, transfer printing, DTG, embroidery and laser printing. In the text below you will find a brief overview of the most common decorating techniques. Nowadays, Laser engraving metal is getting very famous as it is very durable and premium for banners and public arts.

Screen printing

Screen printing is a printing technique based on the use of stencils. Color is pressed through a thin silk or polyester fabric that acts as a stencil, and one stencil is used per color

When printing a logo with two colors, you need two stencils. The number of colors is therefore what most affects the price per print. Screen printing is the most common form of printing and often the one associated with the highest quality, at the same time as it is the most cost-effective way to decorate medium-sized and large editions. With new and modern techniques, you can print up to twelve colors.

Wondering how to make beautiful t-shirts with print? Look here.

Tampo printing

This type of print is generally used for profile products, cups and glass. But also pens and things as complicated as golf balls where the outside is anything but smooth are common products where tampon printing is used. A silicone pad “picks up” the pressure from a cliché and which is then applied to the product to be decorated.

Transfer pressure

Transfer pressure is when a foil is heat treated and attached to the product. The decoration can either be cut out of colored foil, or you can print your message directly on a white foil which is later contoured and attached to the garment. Transfer printing is the most affordable way to decorate textiles in the smallest editions.

A big advantage of transfer printing is that the marks can be stored and attached to the garments in 30 seconds when needed.

Digital Printing

Our digital production is increasing rapidly in line with the development of new techniques. In recent years, DTG printing (direct to garment) has become a very good alternative if the garment is made of cotton and is to be decorated with many colors. With this technique, a machine is used that prints directly on the garment, and the result is almost photorealistic. DTG is best suited for small editions.

Embroidery and Stamps

Embroidery is done on textiles as well as on profile clothes, caps and bags / bags. We offer both embroidery directly on the textile, but also embroidered or woven emblems that are attached to the desired profile article.

Laser Engraving

With laser printing, you can make different types of logo engravings in metal with an exclusive and very stylish result. YAG-Laser uses an optical lens and generates heat. CO2-Engraving uses a gas and is suitable for, among other things, metal key rings, can openers, advertising pens, thermoses and wooden products. YAG-Laser gives a very beautiful result on metal and a great finish that can be experienced as luxurious and exclusive. YAG is excellent for promotional items in metal and aluminum. Even metal sheets and some varieties of anodized materials work well.

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