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In some situations, you may find yourself in need to purchase a product or cover your unexpected expenses. And, if you don’t have enough funds, applying for a payday loan seems like a good decision. These short-term allowances are typically easy to find and quick to qualify. But they might not be the best funding option because of their high APRs.

Before agreeing to get any loan type, it is essential to manage your interest rate and fees. You can avoid many problems by just being selective about the loan terms and types you plan to borrow.

That’s why it is worth exploring less expensive services before you take out a payday loan online or through physical institutions. Here is a detailed overview of popular alternatives to payday lending.

Best Alternatives to Online Payday Loans

There are several ways to get money fast without facing high-interest-rate debt such as a payday allowance. Each of them, though, applies quite different terms and rules for borrowers.

Payday Alternative Loans Hart Loan

To provide users with an alternative to expensive payday allowances, the National Credit Union Administration allows credit unions to offer short-term loans called PALs. Offered specifically through federal credit unions, these alternatives also come with specific terms that limit the costs borrowers pay and the amount they borrow. For instance, you may borrow between $250 and $1,000 and have several months to repay your loan. Application fees for PALs are typically capped at $20 or less.

Personal Loans

These options are similar to traditional loans Hart Loan in terms of length and low-interest rate that remains fixed throughout the entire period. Personal loans can be taken out for two to seven years.

That longer term results in smaller monthly installments, so personal debts are easier to manage. On the other hand, there is an interest to pay for as long as you borrow, so it’d be better to pay off the initial amount quickly. Also, make sure you check for any prepayment penalties before agreeing to get a personal loan.

Credit Card Cash Advances

Using credit cards, you can borrow against your credit limit by using a cash advance. If you already have an open line of credit, that makes the process quick and easy. However, you can also request a new credit card and get an answer on approval within one business day.

Even though a cash advance has higher rates than a regular card purchase, they are likely less expensive than a payday loan online. More so, you may have more flexibility when it comes to repayment. But be sure to make your installments on time to avoid affecting your credit and incurring additional finance charges.

Payroll Advances

If you are officially employed and have a consistent work schedule, you may also ask your company to provide an advance on your future salary . This can be a lifesaver during an emergency. Since you basically borrow from yourself, you will have a low or interest-free rate with payroll advances. But your paychecks in subsequent pay periods will be reduced as well, which could take you deeper into a financial hole.

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Approval Problems?

Finding payday loan online alternatives is easy. However, getting approved for them may be hard for those who have a bad or fair credit history or low income source. Here are some real ideas of what to do if you have trouble qualifying.

Consolidate Current Debts

Instead of borrowing more money from lenders, you may benefit from refinancing your existing debts. In that sense, if you get a lower APR or longer repayment period, you will have lower monthly installments, potentially excluding the need to take on more debt. Educate yourself on how debt consolidation loans work to gather everything into one lump sum and get your money budget under control.

Partner Up

You could consider borrowing with a co-signer to increase your odds of getting approved. If you know someone with excellent or good credit history and a high income, good for you. Providers might consider that person’s ability to repay when making a decision on the loan. However, that deal may be risky for co-signers. They will be responsible for everything you borrowed if you stop making payments on your loan.

Borrow From Family or Friends

If you are considering a short-term loan because you need money fast, think about your family members or friends as a source of assistance. We understand that mixing family and money can be risky sometimes, but it is also the best option for avoiding expensive loans. If you decide to borrow from people you know, consider clear communication and maybe even a written agreement that includes the repayment period and a minimum interest rate.

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