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Benefits of High CBD Strains IE Sour Space Candy

The hemp flower, high in CBD, low in THC, with its vast array of strains, touted for their astounding sense stimulants, are fast cutting themselves out a sound niche in the CBD industry.

Trusted suppliers like Cheef Botanicals are beginning to make more of these strains available as popularity intensifies.  These reputable, reliable resources assure quality products for users, boasting as versatile sources of CBD.

As you will find with the marijuana plant, hemp is comparable in nearly every way, including the different varieties offered and the unique genetics and lineage for each. The only true difference is breeding certain species to eliminate or minimize the THC for a legal hemp product.


Benefits Of Some Of The Best Types Of High CBD Strains 

Some people consume CBD bud strains to achieve the potential health benefits.  Other individuals choose the compound to enjoy an herbal smoke with no fear of intoxication. The flower you choose will depend on your taste preferences, mood, and any symptoms you might be having.

Each person has their tried-and-true favorites from which they likely will not stray. Among the most common favorites on the market include:

  • Sour Space Candy
  • Elektra
  • Wife
  • Special Sauce
  • Frosted Kush
  • Magic Bullet
  • Bubba Kush
  • Cherry Abacus
  • Sour Special Sauce
  • Lifter

Each offers its own properties and unique set of benefits based on their chemical makeup, but all of them have commonalities concerning CBD properties and the advantages it can potentially offer, not to mention the overall delivery method of the compound. Look at this link to learn what CBD strains can do. Check out some of the benefits.

  • Consumption: Smoking touts as one of the most enjoyable methods of consumption because your senses receive the full experience of the ingredients, offering the tastes and smells not to mention the visual appeal of the flower itself. Many people are enjoying the buds because of how closely they resemble marijuana but without the intoxication – plus the users overall experience an enhanced feeling of wellness.
  • Immediate Results: Whether you choose to smoke or vape dried hemp flowers, the reaction time is immediate. Within the lung, there are a thousand or more capillaries waiting to carry the compound to the blood stream. The only way to get it there faster is with an intravenous injection.

The next fastest application is sublingual or under the tongue, holding for a few minutes before swallowing. Edibles are the slowest application, but the effects last an extended period with this form.

  • True to life: The product is not something that can have additives or become easily contaminated. When you purchase a flower, it’s in it’s natural, organic form. The bud boasts as the richest component of the hemp plant consisting of nearly 100 cannabinoids, terpenes, elevated levels of CBD, and other elements.


  • Entourage Effect: All the components comprising the hemp flower work cohesively to enhance each individual set of properties, particularly those of CBD. Even the trace amount of THC notes to be a complement to CBD’s benefits.

CBD can effectively negate the adverse properties THC produces. In situations where users develop too great of a high with particularly negative side effects from THC, the recommendation is to take CBD to counteract the side effects. For an understanding of CBD strains go to

Aside from the common CBD-associated benefits users typically realize  when consuming the buds, people who smoke are finding it advantageous in a whole other way. Users are taking a crucial step in attempting to quit tobacco products by consuming one of the favored strains. If the bud is preferential over the tobacco and brings enjoyment to the habit more so than cigarettes, it could potentially help ease the quitting process.  The hope is to swap one experience for a healthier one that offers the same psychological simulation of smoking tobacco, tricking the brain into believing it’s getting something its not.

When you use a hemp flower in one of the strains mentioned, especially Sour Space Candy, you will get an intense aromatic experience and extraordinary flavor sure to please much more so than the bitter taste of tobacco.

Nicotine is highly addictive and a tough habit to break. You might go back and forth for a bit before you overcome it, but never give up.

Final Thought

As high CBD hemp flower strains like Sour Space Candy continue to grow in popularity as the favored products in the CBD line, cultivators, manufacturers, brands, everyone in the industry works hard to realize innovative ideas to improve upon the last. Who knows what might come into the spotlight next?  Whatever it is, the industry moves fast, so it will be here soon.

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