Batching Plant

The concrete batching plant meets the need for rapid and mass production of quality concrete. There are several types of concrete batching plants depending on the size of the construction areas and the substantial market. Compact concrete batching plants meet the needs, especially in overseas countries. It can be easily transported with a particular container. It is prepared as semi-assembled, and the assembly is completed briefly in the production area. In this way, it can be used in a noticeably brief time.

Compact concrete plants also produce high-quality concrete. They are preferred due to their small footprint and pre-assembled cables. It provides a significant advantage in cases where limited space can be allocated on the construction site for concrete production.

Why is Concrete Plant Used?

Batching plant ensures that the concrete needed in the construction sites can be produced instantly and in the required amount. The made concrete can be loaded on trucks at the construction site and delivered to the area where it will be used briefly. With the system of the plant, concrete can be produced in high quality. In this way, high quality can be ensured in all constructions. Especially in large buildings, purchasing ready-mixed concrete does not meet the need. In such cases, the power plants produced by Elkon company since 1975 come into play.

Batching plant installation depends on specific conditions and permits. Compact concrete batching plants can be used without permission in small construction sites that do not have time to obtain these permits. Likewise, they can be used in mobile switchboards. An essential advantage of these power plants is that they can be easily transported to a new construction site when the work is completed in the area where they are used. You can contact the company for detailed information about concrete batching plants from Elkon’s website.

Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete batching plant is a system in which materials such as sand, cement, gravel, and stone are brought together and converted into concrete. The plants also transport the concrete prepared in this system to the desired location. The need for these power plants continues to increase in countries like Turkey, where the construction sector is proliferating. Plants whose purpose is to prepare and transport concrete are not standard. There are varieties according to the place where it will be used. For this reason, companies should pay attention to this issue when purchasing power plants.

Established in 1975, Elkon is a deep-rooted, constantly growing company that closely follows technological developments and attaches importance to innovation. The power plants it produces are used in dozens of countries. It succeeds in being among the leading exporters of Turkey by increasing its production capacity and continuously developing. The power plants produced continue to be actively used in construction and road construction. Quality should not be compromised during the purchase of the power plant. It would be best if you chose switchboards that work with high performance and are suitable for continuous operation for a long time, enabling your business to run uninterrupted.

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Concrete Plant Types

The concrete batching plant emerges from the needs that arise. Choosing the power plant by area and time will enable the work to proceed quickly. In addition, companies are prevented from spending their resources unnecessarily. It helps its customers in this regard and ensures that they have the most suitable one by learning the capacity of the power plant and the time it will be used. Power plants, which can be found detailed on Elkon’s website, play a significant role in the rapid progress of construction and road works. Among the types of concrete batching plant is the following:

  • Still
  • compact
  • mobile
  • construction site type
  • precast
  • tower-type concrete batching plants.

Concrete Plant

The concrete plant produces concrete to be used in construction and road works. There are diverse types of power plants according to their usage patterns. Mobile concrete batching plants are also preferred, especially for shorter pieces. It can be easily transported to the new construction site after the work in the area is completed. It can be easily assembled and started to be used. It is preferred especially in short-term construction projects, as it has the same features as fixed concrete batching plants.

Mobile concrete batching plants can be transported with axles and wheels. This system can be easily transported to the area where it will be installed with a tow truck. Since these power plants are semi-assembled, their installation can be done quickly.

Concrete Plant Prices

Concrete plant prices vary according to the characteristics of the product to be purchased. At the same time, the number of companies producing concrete plants continues to increase. As a result, prices also vary. Elkon has been directing the sector since 1975. It succeeds in being the sector’s pioneer with its product variety and not compromising on quality. Due to their long life, paying attention to quality when purchasing concrete batching plants is necessary.

If you contact the company when you need a concrete plant, it allows you to get the most suitable plant for you at the most affordable price. Elkon is with the customers during the transportation and installation phases of the power plant. Power plants produced with the latest technology are suitable for long and uninterrupted operations. You can buy the power plant from the company to use it in your construction or road construction. You can meet your concrete needs with the plants produced with the latest technology. You can contact Elkon from to learn the prices and features of the power plants.

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