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Avoiding Loneliness As A Freelancer

Freelancing brings with it a host of benefits including:

  • Flexibility to choose your own hours
  • Ability to choose the sort of work you do
  • Ability to work from wherever you want

For that reason, it comes as no surprise at all that that the numbers of freelancers and microbusiness in the UK is on the rise.

But freelancing, for all the benefits it yields, can be incredibly challenging for many. This is particularly the case for those who work from home.

Working from home can present loneliness and a lack of contact with other people on a day to day basis. People who don’t expect they’ll be negatively affected find themselves feeling isolated. It can happen to anyone. So how do you avoid it happening to you?

Build A Network Of Like-Minded Freelancers

Having a network of people going through the same things you are is absolutely priceless. Ideally, you can meet up with freelancers through various meetups near you. But failing that, online communities and Facebook groups are absolutely perfect. You can chat online and share problems and challenges.

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Give Yourself Social Time

Make sure you have plenty of time to spend with friends and family. Social time and contact is even more important if you send much of the working week on your own. Don’t neglect your social needs.

Consider Co-Working Spaces

They’re certainly not to everyone’s tastes. But co working spaces can offer a means of establishing distance between home and work. In addition, it’s a superb way to meet other people in a similar professional position to you. Complementary services mean you may be able to collaborate. But equally, having the ability to network with people who share the same challenges is so valuable.

Talk To Someone

Any time you feel isolated or low, share your feelings. Isolation can be heightened when you are unable to share your feelings.

If you don’t have friends or family you feel you can share these feelings with, seek help from the likes of charity organisations or professionals. Sharing can help you to process.

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