Are These 6 Men’s Hair Trends Set to Be Huge in 2023?

Women’s hair trends are relatively easy to find. Every week, a new cut or color causes a frenzy on TikTok, Youtube, and many other media channels. However, men’s haircuts are an entirely different matter. 

They need more information on highlighting men’s hairstyles. There are quite a few of them that we anticipate seeing more of in 2023.

According to Uppercut Deluxe CEO Steve Purcell, “In the last few years, we’ve seen some very out-there styles (such as the mullet and the fading mohawk), which has been a lot of fun from a creative standpoint as a barber.” 

He claims that these trends “could now bring us back to the more timeless” aesthetics because keeping up with fashion is difficult. “Being timeless is simply simpler,” claims Purcell. Find out which classic men’s hairstyles you should pay attention to below!

Loose Texture

According to Purcell, Austin Butler is the man for the job if you’re seeking the ideal muse for loose texture. “That child’s hair is damn gorgeous! “He has impeccable taste. “Therefore, I have no doubt that this classic look will return,” he predicts.


Purcell claims of the slamback style that “the classics never die.” Think of the 1950s with a more contemporary spin. You’ll need a blow dryer and pomade (obviously the Deluxe Pomade from Uppercut Deluxe) to get this classic slicked-back look.

2022 Men's Look Book Hairstyling Guide | Quiff, Pompadour, Side Part

Tight Fades

In 2023, “men will migrate away from growing their hair out” in favor of neater styles, according to Purcell. One of them is the tight fade. The care is absolutely worth it, even though cleaning the sides may require more work.

Messy Crops

For those who prefer to keep things little tousled, messy crops are your best bet. A classic French crop still gives some style and structure while leaving room for some disheveled bedhead at the top. Go ahead, live out your Peaky Blinders fantasy.

Classic Side Part

Do you intend to embody Clark Kent in 2023? You prefer the traditional side part. But if you have enough of Uppercut Deluxe’s Monster Hold wax on hand, you can quickly develop this look.

Bleached Hair

According to Purcell, “the bleached aesthetic has experienced a rebirth in recent years.” It comes and goes and probably won’t leave for a few more. This is the cue you’ve been looking for to bleach your hair.


You need the right products to maintain your hairstyles. However, if you lack length or volume or are currently going through hair loss, shop for top-quality hair systems from New Times Hair to boost your hair. 

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