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All We Should Know about Kpop

Kpop fans are know for being zealous in following their bias (favourite) groups and artists.  The problem is that often this means signing into the various social media accounts and get the full information. is a new search engine that allows Kpop fans to search by name of Kpop group or soloist to get all the information in one place.  Currently Wikipedia, Instagram, Youtube & Twitter feeds are available together with links to where the music is available.

As Kpoppie has been around 2 years how most groups and soloists can be searched.  Once is a group profile such as BTS (also known as the Bangtan Boys) the individual members are displayed and by clicking on the image of any one of these members you will directed to their own individual page. The search engine will be expanding with mobile apps in the near future. The long term plan of the company is to provide a full platform including chatting, photo and video sharing.

Other well know groups are Black Pink, Got7, Red Velvet and the new SM Entertainment girls group Aespar.

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