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A Starter’s Guide To Social Media Advertising

Advertising has changed a lot over the last couple of years. The power of the internet is immense and has taken over the world of media completely. Our watch time has shifted from television to OTT apps and social media.

Social media is the key to a company’s success and increased engagement. If you use it well, you can gather a generous audience of followers that will soon convert into consumers. Many start-ups have used the power of social media advertising to do the same and double their profits in no time. If you’re looking to see similar results, here is our guide on using social media advertising.

Know How to Target your Audience

It is no secret that different types of people will exist on different social media platforms. If you want to appeal to teens, you can hunt them out on Tiktok. On the other hand, older people use Facebook. Millennials use Instagram.

This is where you start. You should know your audience and shortlist the social media platforms to begin. Once you know your target audience’s location, you can look at other competitors, an array of existing data and chart out your social media strategy accordingly. Many hard-working sotsiaalmeedia reklaam companies can do this job for you and take your business to the next level.

Not all Platforms are the Same 

Broadly speaking, social media platforms can be divided into 4 types –

  • Microblogging – Twitter, Tumblr, etc.
  • Networking – Facebook, Quora, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Photo sharing – Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.
  • Video sharing – YouTube, Tiktok, DailyMotion, Twitch, etc.

Every app is built differently and hence offers different functionality. A microblogging website can be great for writers, whereas networking websites can be great for meeting new people and getting into a conversation with them. Photo sharing apps have been of great use for artists and educators, and so on.

Once you factor this in, you will begin to understand that companies post different forms of content on different platforms. In simple words, every platform has its own lingo, and you need to be fluent in that language to really talk to your audience in an appealing way.

What Kind of Results can you Afford? 

Depending on the amount of time and money you have, you can get different results as compared to your competitors. For example, somebody may have a lot of time and manpower. Such people will try to look into Google Adwords and use SEO to improve the rankings of their landing page. Such ways can give consistent results over time.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for quick results with minimal effort, you can look into influencer marketing. When you pay influencers a lot of money to advertise your product, you can kick back and see the sudden burst in the number of consumers who may have come to buy your product after an endorsement by their favorite celebrity.

Are You in it for the Long Haul?

Many companies have used the power of social media and advertising to transform their brand image over time. The conventional type of advertising is on a decline, and a newer generation is taking over the world. Do you want to stay traditional or change with the times and adapt?

If the answer is yes, you can use the power of engagement and responding to your customers to know what they want. You can use their feedback in product improvement and rely on your channels to distribute your latest products. In a way, you can secure your future with a steady brand image.

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