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A Guide to New Techonology in Security on Construction Sites

As main contractors continue to deliver on their projects, criminals remain an ever present threat and something which construction contractors are more concerned than ever about. The need to prevent the theft of expensive equipment or damage to their site is as great as ever, but companies are more considerate than before of the costs associated with doing so and balancing that with the total costs of the project. This is where total security solutions come into play, making use of security technologies as well as manpower to provide cost effective security solutions that deliver.

One of the key technologies we use at Getaguard is a solar or diesel powered and remotely monitored CCTV tower. These towers are monitored 24/7, and alert our trained operators to movement on site when out of hours, signalling them to visually inspect the site for signs of intrusion. Should they find evidence of intrusion, they can make use of built-in speakers to speak directly with trespassers to deter them, or call the police to direct them to the site to apprehend would-be thieves. These CCTV towers cost far less than manned operatives on site do, and can stand in the place of manpower in certain circumstances.

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We also make use of mobile patrols to provide manpower to sites, but without a constant presence. These mobile patrols will inspect the property to ensure that all gates/fences are still intact or if they do find signs of forced entry, will inspect the property immediately and report any findings or call the police. These mobile patrols are typically used in tandem with our monitored CCTV offering to provide a complete security solution to construction sites across London.

These are some of the newer security technologies and solutions we have been making use of for our clients to deliver a superior security solution for a very affordable price when compared purely with a manned guarding service. We are one of the leading Security companies in London providing solutions such as this.

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