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8 Ways To Get Your Kids To Start Cleaning Up Since Early On

The ability to clean is one of the basic skills that anyone should have because in the future, we have to be able to clean our space thus it can help maintain our health better. Being used to a clean space is good, because it will make it easier for people to develop cleaning habits.

People who get exposed to a clean environment, definitely won’t be comfortable staying in a dirty and unclean place. Thus why you should make sure that your kids are exposed to a clean environment from early on!

Not only that, but you should introduce them to cleaning activities as well. This will make sure that they don’t always have to depend on others to clean their space all the time. To be able to accustom children to be active in cleaning, they need to get used to it from an early age.

Children’s passion for exploring new things is something that should not be limited.  However, sometimes as a parent, it is very natural for you to get overwhelmed with the messy house afterward. You may not have time and energy to clean it again, just after you have done thousands of daily activities.

But as mentioned before, this is a good time for you to start teaching them to be responsible for cleaning the house. Apart from that, we have 7 tips that you can consider to teach your children to get used to cleaning the house. Keep on reading below to know more!

Give Clear Instructions

When you give instructions for cleaning to your little one, make sure to give clear instructions to them. Unclear instructions make it difficult for children to understand. To make sure that your children don’t get confused and find it hard to do, make the instructions as simple as possible.

Instead of saying sentences that are too general, such as, “clean up the room,” it’s easier to ask children to “put back your toys inside the compartment,” or “make the bed”, and many other specific things.

Communicate Why Cleaning Is Important

Children do not know the concept of cleanliness, so it is necessary to explain the concept of cleanliness clearly to them. This will make it easier for them to understand why they have to do it.

For example, explain the relationship between bacteria and dirty places. You can tell them that if we are living in a dirty house, it will be easier for us to catch a cold or sore throat. Explaining the reason for each command will make the child understand why cleanliness is a necessity.

Let Your Children See You Clean-Up

The most effective way to teach something to children is by showing an example. The habits of children in the future are dependent on the habits of their parents.  At an early age, children still have limitations in thinking, thus the way for them to learn about something is by imitating the people around them.

Thus, when you want their children to grow into individuals who uphold the value of cleanliness, make sure you show them that you upheld the habit of cleaning the house.

Involve Children To Help Clean Up

You can make a cleaning agenda that involves children in learning activities and start from small things. To do this, you need to make a list of children’s tasks, in this case cleaning the house according to their age.  For example, the age range of 2-3 years involves children putting clothes into the laundry basket, placing toys in their places, or putting unbreakable items into the sink.  And a variety of other age-appropriate house-cleaning tasks.

Make Clear Rules About Housekeeping Rules

You need to make clear and firm rules regarding home arrangement, and an organized storage area. Tell your children that it is not only the mother or father who is responsible for cleaning the house but all the occupants of the house are responsible for keeping the house clean.

You can start teaching children to clean by making rules that they need to put back their toys in the compartment after playing with them. Also, make sure they know that if they do not comply with these rules, they will have something taken away from them. For example, they won’t be allowed to play with their toys again for the whole day. Make sure that you comply with these rules so that children won’t underestimate them.

Let  Your Child Help With The Housework

Don’t tell children to play in another room while you are cleaning the room.  Even though your little one can’t help yet, at least let them see how you work. That way, children will learn by imitating what they see. After all, children are quick to mimic what adults do, and they tend to retain what they learn from example.

Choose Age-Appropriate Household Chores

As mentioned before, you should choose household chores that are age-appropriate for your kids. They have their limitations, thus they won’t be able to clean everything, such as washing clothes, cleaning overflowing sink in the bathroom, dusting the high places, and others. These are the tasks that will be difficult for them to do. For safety reasons – it is better to not ask them to do that.

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