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8 Things You Need To Know About Applicant Tracking System

Basics Of Applicant Tracking System:

Applicant Tracking System helps companies to hire a better candidate since 1990. Applicant Tracking System is the software used by the recruiters for the database of job applicants. ATS is used by all sizes of companies i.e. small, medium, and large scale organizations. The goal of the Applicant Tracking System is to make work easier for recruiters and hiring managers.

Organization or the Company always hires candidates for multiple positions. So we can say hundreds of resumes they receive in a single day. When they receive this many resumes per day they can’t go thoroughly for each resume. But with the help of ATS, they can sort applicants based on their skills, location, and education, and so on. Resumes can also match with the job description and can match the rate with algorithms.

Here are the eight important things recruiter and the hiring manager should know about ATS:


You Can Easily Manage Jobs With The Help Of ATS:

Recruiters can easily manage, create, and assign jobs to the candidates. You need to complete the job cycle on your own. Manage the customizable job form and you can also create jobs according to your requirements. Promotion of the jobs is mandatory, promote jobs on job boards and social media channels from where you can easily hire candidates.

You can add the additional information of the candidates easily. Through a visual pipeline, recruiters can track the candidates.

Recruiters Can Manage Interview:

You need not write in pen and paper the schedule of the candidate’s interview. With the help of ATS recruiters can set the reminder also gets the email for the next interview. Can set the interview schedule, rescheduling, and cancellation.

All The Data Are Gathered In One Place:

Before years ago HR managers had a file of candidate’s records. But with the help of ATS recruiters can easily get application forms, can sort those forms, and can contact candidates easily. Any candidate who got to hire the data of that candidate is easily stored in the HR employee system.

Reduces Time Of Hiring:

Applicant Tracking System reduces the time of hiring candidates. There is a difference in technology and manual work Right! Before the 1990’s recruitment process was done manually so it was time-consuming but now in this 21st-century technology took part in every sector.

With the help of technology in the hiring process, it is proved that an ATS can reduce the time burden of the hiring process by up to 20 percent.

Save Cost Of Hire:

If your company or organization implements an ATS, then your company will save money on advertising, and the pay of recruiters or hiring managers will be reduced. The sorting of a resume will be done in the software.

The Number Of Qualified Candidates Will Increase In Your Pool:

By using Applicant Tracking System your company’s talent pool will increase with qualified candidates. For the open job if the irrelevant candidate will apply then with the help of an ATS recruiter can delete or remove the resume of the candidate and the hiring team can shortlist the names of candidates who are relevant for the open job.

ATS Will Boost The Employees Towards Work:

For any recruiter or the hiring manager, the target is to hire the right person for the open job. When they achieve their target their morale towards the work will increase and the company or the organization will get benefits.

The Brand Image Of The Company Will Increase:

In this 21st century, youngsters want to work only with that company which uses current technology. An ATS will be able to give quick and easy communication with the candidate at every stage of the interview process. And it keeps them engaged because candidates will get to know all the information on the interview schedule, feedback, etc, on the screen.

Every company should go through the Applicant Tracking System. This will be a time investment but after implementing the software it will give you lifetime benefit. There is N number of benefits of an Applicant Tracking System it’s just once the organization should purchase so the factor of hiring cost, a learning curve will decrease automatically.

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