7 Great Reasons Why You Should Live In Ilford

Ilford, which is part of the Redbridge borough, appears to be on the increase as more people become aware of its expanding appeal as a result of recent investment. Ilford has had big reconstruction plans in the works for some time, and you can already see the difference. To aid with this constant growth, new and fashionable flats such as Pioneer Point have been erected in the region.

Property That Is For Sale

Ilford is home to a diverse collection of homes, including late Victorian, Edwardian, and 1920s terrace houses near Valentines Park and Gants Hill. It may sound like a sales pitch, but estate agents in Ilford say now is the perfect moment to buy real estate in Ilford. This is due to the fact that it now provides one of the best yields in London. The current yield is 6.1 percent, according to the Portico Yield map. Pioneer Point, a unique residential enclave that offers a completely distinct East London experience, is another major component of Ilford’s rising housing market. Stylish fixtures and an astonishing array of amenities to suit all types of people, including an on-site communal cinema for kids and work pods for adults to finish any unfinished work. These flats’ clever arrangement allows you to take advantage of the stunning views of London’s skyline. It becomes even better when you learn that Pioneer Point is only 3 minutes from the Ilford train station, making commuting a breeze for working professionals.

Green Areas

Most people don’t realise it, but Ilford is known for its beautiful green spaces, which account for almost 40% of the city. Barkingside letting agents suggest that places like Valentines Park, which is known for its floral displays and Valentine’s parks, are fantastic places to take the kids or dog for a walk, or just to get out of the home on your own.


It’s no wonder that, with the upcoming Elizabeth line, a huge number of working professionals are beginning to live here because it provides a relaxing yet connected environment. Ilford still has a network of transportation linkages, such as its central train station, which can get you to central London in 30 minutes even without the Elizabeth Line. Don’t worry, Ilford has plenty of cycle lanes to make getting about on your bike a breeze!


The location is ideal for shopping! Ilford’s high streets are lined with a range of various shops and stores. Not to mention the Exchange Ilford, the city’s own major shopping mall. There are numerous branded stores to choose from, including New Look, Primark, and Debenhams. If you feel hungry, there is a nice local market just outside the mall where you can find a wide variety of cuisines! If that wasn’t enough, Westfield Stratford, one of Europe’s largest shopping complexes, is only 12 minutes away by train. You’ll be there in no time if you take the TEFL rail.

Relaxing Patios and Balcony Gardens

According to a poll done by The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, 81 percent of estate agents in Ilford and London anticipate a rise in demand for houses with balconies, gardens, or patio spaces. This growth is now visible following the recent reopening of the UK housing market and a shift in priorities among buyers and renters in lockdown toward more space – either outside or indoors. Imagine the joy of discovering a solution that incorporates both a balcony and a garden!

Living in the Suburbs is Convenient

Ilford offers many of the pleasures that come with living in the suburbs. In less than 15 minutes, you can easily get on one of the several transportation links – such as the new Victoria line – to go to London Liverpool Street and nearby London underground stations. Commuters and families alike will enjoy a comfortable existence with incredible ease of access to many amenities and local businesses. Living in the suburbs has a number of advantages for your physical health and well-being. Simply take use of the parks and outdoor gyms that dot the peaceful streets of Ilford to achieve your fitness goals.

Green Balcony Gardens are Lovely

Balcony gardens are a low-maintenance alternative to regular gardens that may be found in many of Ilford’s inexpensive housing alternatives. They also provide a plethora of advantages for your mental and physical health. When you have your own personal at-home but an outdoor refuge to enjoy every day, you won’t feel stuck at home. If you’re thinking about making your own or looking for ideas for your new future house, start by including comfortable chairs, a hammock, or yoga cushions, as well as a few starter plants. In your lovely balcony garden, you may now relax, meditate, or read to your heart’s content!

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