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7 Essential Stationery Items That Should Be A Part Of Every Office

Stationery is a bit of a non-negotiable fact in literally any office, no matter what kind of work is going on there. Of course, every workplace and office has a different niche set of required tools – a fashion brand is not going to need all the same things as a carpenter. There are, however, a few essentials that everybody needs to get through their working day. Without these seven items, you’re bound to have someone tear madly through drawers in search of what they need. Curb unnecessary stress in the office by grabbing yourself…

Pens And Pencils

Pens and pencils are just an absolute must-have in most work settings. If you’re sitting at a desk, you’re going to have use for a pen or pencil sooner or later, no matter how techy your work might be. Noting down during important phone calls, meetings and conversations is essential if you’re going to take any information in. These will also come in very handy for the odd idea here and there.


Hey now, we all make mistakes, that’s what erasers were made for! Cleaning up documents, fixing smudges and removing any dirt off important files is important. Too many people are more than happy to forget about erasers…until they make a mistake that they need to fix, then? Not so much. So, ensure your future self’s happiness and cortisol levels, and grab yourself a couple of erasers for the office, just in case.

Stapler And Staples

Another unsung hero of the office environment, the stapler comes in handy more often than not and you’ll absolutely miss it if you don’t have it ready to go. Likewise, a stapler is kind of nothing without staples, so stock your office up with both to avoid any dramas or frustrations down the line. This is particularly helpful if your company is frequenting client meetings or putting together presentations, slide references are appreciated by everyone – and they have to be stapled together to be useful.

Notebooks/Notepads, Paper And Envelopes

Paper is important, even if we don’t use it all that much anymore. Every office has content, slides, minutes or memos that need printing every now and then. Letters might be a lost art, but they still get sent and no one really has the time in their working day to be ducking out to the post office every time you need to send something. Finally, notepads – notes, upskill sessions, ideas and dates all need to be written somewhere.


Another must-have for those who take big meetings, important phone calls or who have to sift through large volumes of data. Underlining or circling with your pens and pencils looks messy and unprofessional, keep to a high standard by purchasing a couple of highlighters for your office, they’re guaranteed to get a good amount of use.

Label Maker

A label maker is going to transform the way you store and sort basically everything in your company, once you start using it, labelling actually becomes quite addictive! Label individual employee’s belongings, communal stationery and even desks for a nice personal touch.

Pen Pots/Organisation Caddies

Well, you’re going to need a place to store all of these essentials! Individual storage caddies need to be on every desk in your office, otherwise, the clutter is going to build up and it’s going to build up quickly. These don’t have to be boring either! Look for metallic finishes, brand colours or cool industrial effect pots to stash your office stationery in.

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