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7 Advantages Of Creating Mind Maps And Why You Should Use It

As human beings, we naturally love to create ideas. Our brain generates ideas to carry out minimal actions such as defining what you will do on a daily basis, how to manage your emotions and how to take your work or study to an optimal level.

What most of us do not bring from birth is to order this number of ideas according to their characteristics, their level of complexity, their priority and which idea you need to develop first to continue with the other. This is when mind maps help us to know everything about those ideas and know how to carry them out.

What is a Mental Map?

The mind map is a highly effective way of processing the information that enters and leaves our brain. It is a creative and logical way to take notes that literally “map” your ideas. Today, you can do mind mapping easily with a mind mapping tool.

Benefits of Mind Maps

1. Clarity and Better Analysis of Information

Everything thrown by your brain is information that has been translated into a graphic. Compared to textual information, a map can be analyzed quickly and concretely. The more experience you have in mind mapping, your information processing analysis increases incredibly. Creating the ability to take notes more efficiently, because you only collect what is useful.

2. Concentration Of All The Required Information

Mind maps will help you to be able to concentrate the required information more efficiently and organize it depending on your own purposes. Collecting ideas helps you when you want to express your ideas at a business meeting or project presentation, to address key points more effectively.

3. Breakdown of Complex Issues

There are topics so complex that, if you approach writing, you can get so much expanse and not reach the required point. This is when mind maps work as if you were to untangle a tangled thread of knots.

By organizing the key points and sub-points, it helps to be able to make appropriate decisions on problematic topics. Such as political issues, global warming or creating a business idea for a niche with multiple needs, are a clear example.

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4. Easy to Remember

Placing key points is easier and more practical than trying to memorize phrases or sentence excerpts. This works great for future reminders. According to a study on “The Efficacy of the Study of Mind Maps as a Technique,” researchers found that studying with mind maps helped increase retention by 10-15% in a group of students who used brain mapping as a technique to complete a few short exams.

5. Improve Your Productivity

One of the great benefits of mind mapping is increasing your productivity. On average, mind mapping software helps busy executives be 20-30% more productive at work.

6. Strengthen Your Creativity

Mind mapping helps ignite and motivate your creativity because you can get ideas onto paper as quickly as possible and you can empty your mind just when inspiration strikes.

7. Improve Your Writing

In a 2009 study, they conducted research with two groups of students. One group received written instruction with notebooks and readings. The second group received the same instruction, as well as mind mapping software that they were instructed to use for each writing task. The study found that students in the group that used mind maps had greater gains in writing. Their results showed more relevant details and better organized and connected ideas than the paragraphs written by the other control group.

The great thing about mind mapping is that you can put your ideas in any order, just as they occur to you. You are not limited to thinking in a certain order. You just discard each and every idea, then work on rearranging it later.

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