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6 Unique Employee Rewards To Boost Engagement

Employee rewards are great at boosting staff engagement and loyalty, but the same old “cocktail Friday” can become routine. All too quickly fun perks can feel like expected benefits. This means that rewards rapidly lose their value and their positive impact on staff.

If you’re keen to reap the benefits of smart employee reward schemes (which include increased staff retention and job satisfaction), try switching things up with some of these unique rewards instead.

1.Holiday days

What could be more motivating than the promise of a few extra days lying on a beach or exploring a new culture? If your employees achieve their goals, rewarding their efforts with extra days of holiday can be extremely motivating. The gift of just a little more freedom and free time is a fantastic “thank you” for a team members’ hard work.

2.Duvet days

With many employees now fulfulling roles which could be conducted remotely, offering staff the opportunity to earn “duvet days” on which they can work from home is a great way to capitalise on the flexibility of the modern workforce, while also incentivising staff with small perks.

3.Charity days

Why not blend your employee reward system with your corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme? Companies like The Body Shop currently provide their team with a set number of paid days per year during which they donate their time and skills to the charitable organisation of their choice. For employees with a strong charitable stance, this type of reward is a double incentive to strive to achieve their goals as it benefits both themselves and a cause they support.

3.Wellbeing treats

The promise of a free shoulder massage, facial, pedicure or other pampering treat is more than enough to get many a staff member out of bed on a Monday. These types of wellbeing treats benefit businesses twofold by motivating productivity and by encouraging self care and wellness. Sedentary, computer-based roles can take a significant toll on workers’ bodies, so a spot of TLC is a great way to demonstrate an employer’s investment in their wellbeing. This type of reward may take the form of a pamper morning in the office each month, or vouchers and discounts for services to be used in employees’ free time.

4.Healthy snacks

Whether it’s takeaway for late workers on Thursdays, or endless rounds of birthday cake, most businesses provide their team with its fair share of junk food. Making the switch to healthier options like fresh fruit baskets or healthy snack boxes for your staff can be a positive perk mentally and physically, keeping staff energised and feeling cared for by employers.

5.Travel perks

If you have a younger or more adventurously minded team, rewards such as discounts on flights, hotels or Airbnbs could be a fantastic motivator. Many of us lose a few minutes here and there to daydreaming about our next holiday. This type of reward helps employees actively work towards their travel daydreams – keeping them on task and focussed! Rewards of this nature could even include airmiles to help your team get to where they want to go.

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