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5 Tips on How to Write the Perfect About

The About Me Page is one of the most important and most viewed pages on your blog. In fact, it’s the first thing that 90% of your new blog visitors view when they stumble upon your site.

Such page is where they learn more about you, what you do and what your blog has to offer for them to stay and keep coming back around. For this reason, writing a compelling About Me statement is crucial. It can either create a lasting impression or leave a vague one that will cause visitors to eventually drift away from your blog.

The good news?

While writing a perfect About Me page is not as simple as adding your bio and completing  it with a photo of yourself, , there is always an easy way to generate a compelling one. Want to know how?  Here’s a guide from M2Social that will walk you through writing the perfect About Me page.

1. Provoke Curiosity Using an Interesting Line

You’ve probably heard that you only have 8 seconds to convince a visitor to stay on your site. But, did you know that one of the best ways to do so is by opening your statement with a punchy line? This isn’t only a sure way to pique your reader’s curiosity but also an easy trick to immediately convey your style and attitude.

TIP: Instead of boring them with a long list of achievements, use a statement that will capture their interests. Note that nothing hooks in a reader like a bold and benefit-driven headline.

2. Create a Connection

A short and brief bio, along with a nice photograph, helps your readers connect with you. However, you  should not just communicate about who  you are, but also what you do and why you do it. Your About Me page should be a place to share your values, what you believe and why you launched your website in the first place. It’s only a few things your readers can relate to.

3. Show Off Your Credentials, but Keep it Short

At some point, you will have to open up about your credentials. List your relevant achievements to give your readers reason to turn to you over your competitors. You have to make them believe that you have the solution they need. However, while it’s important to impress your readers with your merits, you have to remember to keep it short. Nobody likes a narcissist and a boring ramble either.

Credibility can be established in many different ways. Here are some ideas:

  • Academic background
  • Corporate background
  • Success Stories (stories how you’ve provided solutions for others)
  • Features (your stories featured in other websites)

TIP: Your readers are looking for reasons to trust you and nothing beats good testimonials in boosting your credibility. Dedicate a space on your About Me page for positive feedbacks from past customers.

4. Give a Clear Value Proposition

Probably the most important of all, your About Me page should be all about the value you give to your readers. Give them a clear answer on what your blog is intended for and how it will be useful for them. While it’s called About Me, it is really about building empathy with your readers.

5. Add Call to Action

Wrap your About Me page with a call to action (CTA). This is an element often neglected by others but it is important as it encourages your readers to take an action like subscribing to your newsletter or to connect with you on social media. Asking them to do so guarantees that they’ll be able to view the other pages of your website and even the accounts connected to it.  

To sum it up, here are a few rules and things to consider when writing your About Me Page. Follow these guidelines and you are sure to create a compelling content that will create a connection between you and your readers.

  •  Identify Your Point of View – decide if you want to use third or first person and stick with it. If your website is a personal blog, it’s best to use a first person approach.
  • Keep it Short – try to keep your statement brief and under 250 words maximum.
  • Stay Humble – as mentioned above, nobody wants a narcissist, avoid arrogant statements.
  • Be Yourself – don’t use pretentious or humorous words to try to impress, write the way you talk. Be Honest – likewise, don’t write something that you are not.
  • Include Links When Possible – add links to your e-mail, your LinkedIn profile and past projects.

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Author Name: Micah de Jesus

Email: marketing@growthscout.com.ph

Author Bio:

Micah de Jesus is the SEO Director of GrowthScout SEO Services, a digital marketing firm in Quezon City, that caters to the online marketing needs of clients in a range of industry, including public relations, marketing, education, and more.

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M2Comms is a reputable Public Relations Firm in Quezon City that is committed in connecting with its communities, communicating with the public, and serving its clients, through the public relations & digital marketing services that it offers. M2Comms is also a proud member of PROI Worldwide, the biggest global partnership of independent public relations firms.

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