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5 Steps To Keep In Mind While Planning Office Relocation

Office Relocation

Office relocation is exciting for any company. You’re probably moving to a much nicer and bigger place that will better suit your company’s needs. However, it’s also quite a stressful process, as there can be a myriad of disruptions. To ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible and to minimise the potential issues, you must find a reliable company. That’s why working with a trusted group of professionals, such as Harrow Green, can help make this experience less challenging. But what are some of the things you should consider before office relocation? In this article, we’ll give you some tips to make moving much more efficient.

Plan Your Budget

Office relocation can be expensive. Before you even start moving, your project manager should have a budget in mind. They’ll have to deal with all the costs. These can include interior design that will reflect your company’s brand, but also stationery featuring the new address. Plus, don’t forget about mandatory facility and property fees.

That said, keep in mind the budget isn’t set in stone. Unexpected expenses often occur, and no matter how stressful it is, you need to deal with them. These may be some issues with the new rental space, equipment, or even a relocation deadline.

Although you can misjudge the costs to a certain extent, they shouldn’t exceed your budget tremendously. That’s why working with a reliable relocation company can help everything go as smoothly as possible. Before they even start moving you, they assign you an account manager who creates a personalised plan that reflects your needs, specifications, and fits within your budget.

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Interior Design

Depending on the condition of the new property, it may require a complete makeover or just a couple of small changes. To minimise the stress during this already nerve-wracking period, it’s best if you hire an interior design company. Ideally, they can help you create the working space of your dreams, that’s also affordable.

If you can’t rely on them to design the space you want, you’re going to lose the precious time you’ve dedicated for relocation. They should also keep you updated about every step so that you aren’t out of the loop.

Even if the new property is smaller than your current premises, they should know how to maximise the space. Every part of the new office should be well-used to fit your needs. Finally, interior design companies are often in touch with relocation companies to ensure that the space planning is going well.

Communication with Employees and Partners

Another crucial step in an office relocation is communicating your plans to employees and partners. Although it may sound like employees should just be informed about the new office address, keeping them up-to-date about all the steps can create a positive working environment. They’ll feel like they’re involved in the moving process, and may even have some interesting ideas which you can use.

Furthermore, it would be best if you informed your partners and clients about the new address on time. You can use flyers, post about it on your social media pages, or write a blogpost on your website. That way, when you eventually move to a new office, your clients won’t be confused, and everything will continue as normal.

Finally, make sure your bank, insurance companies, and other necessary institutions are familiar with your new address.

IT and Furniture Removal

Getting rid of the IT equipmentor moving it is another thing you should consider. You probably have a variety of equipment with different configurations. Once everything is moved, you need to find a professional who can connect everything again. They need to do this within a certain timeframe, so that you can return to your projects as soon as possible.

On the other hand, if you decide to upgrade your IT equipment, Harrow Grow has an innovative approach. They collect all unwanted items and either donate them to charity or dispose of them, making this process as eco-friendly as possible.

Also, you may need to ask a new property vendor for approval for certain equipment. Moving specialist equipment may require specific documentation, so make sure you check that before relocating.

Besides, telephone and internet connections must be working properly from the day you start working from the new office.

Find a Reliable Moving Company

If you’re considering office relocation, you should hire a professional removal firmwho’ll make everything happen without too much stress. But before that, you need to set aside a budget.But always keep in the back of your mind that hidden costs often occur. Moreover, make sure you inform all the relevant parties about the relocation. That way, when everything is over, you can have a move-in party and fire on all cylinders.

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