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5 Benefits Of Using Virtual Data Rooms For Mergers & Acquisitions

Virtual data rooms can be described as online repositories that help executives store and safely disseminate confidential information. In addition to that, they are also used to share documents and conduct financial transactions. Virtual data rooms such as Firmex.com pose several benefits for companies of all sizes, and are particularly useful in conducting mergers and acquisitions, and given below are five such benefits:

1. They Help Cut Costs

During mergers and acquisitions, a considerable cost is associated with flying in all pertaining members of the business deal and in ensuring their presence throughout the entire process. A merger or acquisition may take months to be fully completed and hence these costs can quickly add up.

Virtual data rooms help cut down these costs as all bidders, buyers, and sellers can partake in mergers in acquisitions virtually through virtual data rooms.

2. They Help Conduct Due Diligence

A major aspect of mergers and acquisitions is due diligence that the parties conduct on each other. Due diligence is essentially done by one party to assess the other company’s assets and liabilities to check whether their financial reporting is accurate. It is a comprehensive appraisal that is conducted by a potential buyer.

Virtual data rooms facilitate the process of due diligence by allowing prospective buyers to view all company information online. The company being sold can share all confidential and financial information through the data room and ensure that the process of due diligence is completed while also protecting their data.

3. They Help Companies Deal With Legal Complications

Many times mergers and acquisitions on a big scale are met with legal action due to the said merger or acquisition either threatening the profitability of other competitors or capturing a large chunk of the customer base to be categorized as a monopoly.

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During such times, mergers and acquisitions are met with legal action and the companies have to deal with all legal proceedings. Virtual data rooms hence help with legal proceedings by dealing with large volumes of paperwork. All interested and relevant parties such as attorneys and regulators can use the data room to view uploaded documents.

4. They Help In Giving Partial Authorization

When prospective buyers ask for authorization to investigate documents of the company they are buying. With physical data rooms, companies have to authorize access to the entire physical data room, and hence they get access to even documents that they should not be privy to.

However, with virtual data rooms, companies can provide other parties partial and selected access to information that is relevant to them. Even while conducting due diligence, the other party shouldn’t be privy to anything that exceeds the boundaries of due diligence, and virtual data rooms enable exactly that. Managers of the data room can also view if everyone that was given access, how many have entered the data room and how many times they have viewed a particular file.

5. They Eliminate Redundant Work

In addition to eliminating extra work and manual labor, virtual data rooms also help in eliminating redundant work. With mergers and acquisitions, there is often a ton of paperwork that requires attention from both sides. Most of this paperwork is often repetitive.

Virtual data rooms help in eliminating all repetitive tasks, and duplicate requests. In addition to that, they also help reduce overall labor by enabling the option to drop and drag documents from one folder to another, allowing text-based search, and auto-indexing.


Virtual data rooms are a crucial aspect of mergers and acquisitions, and the above-mentioned benefits in detail cover why they are essential.



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