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4 Thoughtful Baby Gift Ideas For Your Employees Or Clients

When it comes to buying a maternity gift for an employee or client, it can be tricky finding a present that’s just right. You may be conscious that you want to gift something that’s thoughtful without being overly personal, and it’s likely you want to show you care without coming across as too extravagant.

To help you find the perfect present for your personnel, here are four baby gift ideas that are guaranteed to go down a treat at the office.

Designed to look like a beautiful bunch of blooms, a baby clothing bouquet could be the perfect gift idea. These creations usually feature a variety of different garments, including sleepsuits, hats, mittens, socks, bibs and winding cloths, all of which are accompanied by a selection of gorgeous silk flowers and foliage. If you know the gender of the baby, look out for bouquets in the appropriate colour. For example, Babyblooms offer these creations in soft blue for boys and pastel pink for girls, as well as all white designs if mum and dad have decided to opt for a surprise.

  • A selection of skincare products

You could gift the mama-to-be a selection of skincare products for both her and the baby. From soothing hand creams and nourishing body balms for mum, to calming bubble bath, and moisturising lotions for the baby, there are a whole host of different pamper bits and pieces for you to choose from. Keep an eye out for products containing natural ingredients that are known for being kind to skin, such as shea butter, beeswax and avocado oil.

  • A keepsake box

Why not go for a keepsake box? This gift provides the perfect place for mum and dad to safely stow away their most cherished mementos. From the baby’s hospital bracelet to a lock of hair from their first trip to the salon, over time different bits and pieces can be added, creating an accumulation of special childhood memories.

  • A luxury gift hamper

For a present that ticks all the boxes, you could treat the mum-to-be to a luxury gift hamper. Usually, this is a box or basket that has been filled with an array of both practical and thoughtful items for the baby and the parents. You can find hampers which include a selection of baby clothes and accessories, as well as treats for mum and dad such as lip balm, scented candles and biscuits.

Even though you may want to keep your relationship with your employees and clients professional, these baby gift ideas are promised to wow without being too over the top.

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