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4 Software Options to Improve the Way Your Company Works

The average 21st-century company relies heavily on technology. The key difference between those that are successful and those that aren’t is the way they utilize their tech. As a business owner, manager, or even an employee, knowing what tools you have at your disposal – and how to use them – could give your productivity a major boost. Here are just a handful of the software options worth considering, and what they could do for your business.

Cloud Storage

Dropbox, Google Drive – these are two of the best-known cloud storage and cloud sharing platforms, and there are plenty of others that can provide secure file sharing and storage. Using cloud sharing for your business has a few benefits. Firstly, it creates a secure backup of all your data and documents, should anything ever happen to your computer system. You may still need a reasonable amount of hard drive storage for documents that need to be accessed on a day to day basis, but for the most part, cloud storage will reduce your on-site storage needs.

One of the biggest advantages of cloud storage is ease of access. Projects that require input from multiple people can be stored in a shared location which can be accessed by the whole team when necessary. This eliminates two problems: team members don’t need to wait for their colleagues to email documents through before they can continue their work, and there are less likely to be multiple, different copies of the same project floating around.


Document anarchy is a major problem for many businesses. Employees create and send thousands of documents, emails and presentations on a daily basis, but they’re rarely uniform. Most employees use the first template they can find on their desktop, or the internet, or make their own. This generally results in very little consistency throughout the company, and sometimes the use of incorrect or outdated logos, letterheads and information, not to mention the time wasted searching for or creating the templates.

Templafy resolves these issues by storing, and giving all employees access to, up to date templates across the board. This ensures universal templates, correct information, and a lot of time saved. For letterheads, emails and the like, they can be individualized to each employee to include their information.

CMS Software

In the digital era, having a company website is almost always a given. Using an outside company to create your website isn’t always productive though – it costs more, and the time you spend communicating what you want with your web designer could be better spent doing it yourself. Managing your own website is fairly easy with a content management system like WordPress. It’s easy to use, with a large database of website templates to choose from, and the option to make your own changes. It’s free for the most part, but if you’d prefer to have your own domain name rather than the .wordpress.com URL, you can for a small fee.


Quickbooks, FreshBooks, and a number of other accounting programs make payroll, invoicing and payments a lot simpler. This type of software is particularly useful for smaller businesses that may not have a dedicated accounts department yet. It allows you to track time (and overtime) log expenses and invoice clients real-time. Both offer a desktop app, but are primarily cloud-based software, which is a great advantage. If your business isn’t strictly office based, you can log expenses and invoice clients in the field on a smartphone or tablet.

In Conclusion

Running an efficient company means knowing what tools are at your disposal and how best to use them. There are thousands of software options on the market, a lot of which are similar, so do your research before you decide what will work for your company. You may want to opt for a software subscription rather than purchasing a license. It doesn’t require as much capital as buying the software and you have the option to change software, or the number of computers you use it on, with as little as a month’s notice. A subscription also means you always have the latest version of the software.

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