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4 Reasons to Invest in Local SEO

Not every business owner is convinced local SEO is worth spending money on.

It can seem like some digital jujitsu and confusion surrounds it for non-technical people. To dispel that, here are four reasons to invest in local SEO.

Show Up in Google More Frequently

Not much else makes an owner happier than when they can see their business name pop up in search results. At least, they can see that they’re getting somewhere!

For local search queries, only the first handful of results are likely to be clicked on. Around two-thirds of the clicks go to the top five queries, so if the business isn’t featured high enough, then it’s the same as being invisible.

Getting customers relies on being successful in local SEO. An SEO Company can provide the knowledge where it’s needed to improve ranking positions for related search queries. However, it’s important to use an experienced SEO Company like DigiVisi because otherwise, they could do completely the wrong things. They offer a range of packages for sole traders and national e-commerce businesses.

The Benefits of Local SEO Optimization

Drive Local Traffic to a Shop or Business Facility

When it comes to local sales, they’re commonly driven by an interest in acquiring a product the same day or the following one.

If the business partially or fully relies on local sales, driving additional foot traffic by appearing more prominently for local searches is paramount.

By narrowing the focus to local SEO instead of national or broader approaches, the people that it attracts are more likely to be near to the business and happy to transact with it. This avoids wasting considerable time with potential customers who aren’t oriented towards a purchase or live nearby.

Connect a Brand to a Local Business

While someone may have walked or driven past the business many times, they probably haven’t noticed it to a great degree. Certainly, they won’t have entered and given the small business a chance to welcome them and make a sale.

However, when repeatedly seeing the name in local search results, it puts the brand on the map for them. Then when they later approach the business location, they will mentally connect the dots. Given that they already have a little familiarity with the company due to seeing it in online results and possibly visiting their website too, it breaks down resistance to engaging with the brand.

Save Money on Local Advertising

The cost of advertising in print media or online continues to rise. As the internet has become so usable, advertising platforms now charge a pretty penny to place an advertisement.

For companies wanting to standard out from the crowd, it’s an expensive process to continually create new advertising campaigns and to pay for them. The ROI is increasingly poor given that ad rates aren’t generally on a downward trajectory.

Relying more on local SEO can cut the cost of advertising by providing other opportunities to find new customers. Also, it lowers the cost of customer acquisition.

Businesses would do well to consider the value that local SEO provides companies who engage with it. It’s typically less expensive, provides fast results, and creates more brand recognition too.

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